Thursday, April 13, 2017

Bucket Babe: Olivia de Klerk

We're already into the fourth month of the year and while there might be a lot of unrest in the country due to the political tensions and our beloved President doing whatever he wants to, we're here to aid your mind on this first long weekend of many to come with our Bucket Babe. Today's beautiful model hails from the fairest Cape and while she loves being in front of the camera, her true passion lies in saving lives. She has been featured on many magazine covers but the one she pines to be on might surprise you, she has great taste in cars and makes a damn good sandwich, but less from me, meet...

Olivia de Klerk


I'm a 24 year old, recently graduated medical doctor from Cape Town. I started modelling when I was 18 and have had the most amazing experience in the industry, but medicine definitely has my heart. In my spare time you'll find me dancing or doing any kind of outdoor sport you can imagine! My friends are my everything and I'm a wine and food fanatic. I also love sleeping, A LOT. 




1. Hot girls and hot cars go hand in hand, what ride would you like to  see yourself in?
  • I'm an Aston Martin girl through and through.
2. What sandwich are you most likely to make for me? and will it be toasted or plain?
  • My ultimate sandwich would be a Parma ham, goats cheese, tomato and rocket on a fresh French loaf. 
3. Everyone loves popcorn (well I think they do) what is your topping/ sprinkle of choice?
  • Lightly salted with Smarties and slush puppy- the best part of going to the movies.
4. Dream cover shoot?
  • Forbes Magazine ;)
5. If given a choice, full time model or full time executive, what would you choose?
  • Definitely a full time executive, I'm always up for a challenge and I like to be in charge and make my own decisions.
6. Growing up you must have had someone you aspired to be, so who is your role model?
  • Angelina Jolie. For all her humanitarian work and also her badass, strong-independent woman persona .
7. Anyone holding that hand yet? or is it available?
  • I recently got engaged and couldn't be more excited.
8. Obviously being a female you would love fashion. Favourite label/ designer?
  • I love Reformation - simplicity and elegance!
9. What type of music gets your booty shaking?
  • Latin Jazz.
10. Which city is your dream party destination?
  • Havana, Cuba. Cocktails on the tropical beaches....salsa, cigars and vintage cars!

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