Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Choon: HI-LO - Renegade Mastah

Who is HI-LO? When the first track of his "Crank it up" was released in June this year, it drew quite a following as it was a great track but no one had heard of this guy before. Turns out HI-LO is an alias used by an already big up and coming name in the dance music genre and with it, he decided to launch his new record label "Heldeep" on which he will release all his music. Well, the question you must be asking still, is who is he? He is none other that Dutch Deep house genius Oliver Heldens! This kid can do no wrong it seems, his HI-LO alias is to produce high bass, fast paced Deep House music. This week's track is HI-LO's new one, "Renegade Mastah", it may sound familiar to you as it was used in the UMF Miami Aftermovie. It's a great track and quite a catchy one, and you got to give it up to Oliver, many of the new young EDM producers on the scene tend to head down the high techo sounds but he's sticking to what he loves and doing great with it, hopefully we'll see him again next year at Ultra South Africa. 


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