Tuesday, April 26, 2016


"Gone but never forgotten", it's strong and powerful statement that epitomises the loss of 96 lives, 27 years ago at Hillsborough. For over two decades, families of the deceased had to live with the fact that not only would they never see their loved ones again but the government labelled them at fault for their own plight. Mocked over the years for this exact reason, it was never something that sat well with the supporters of the club nor the affected families. Finally 27 years later, through persistances by selected individuals and pressure by supporters, justice and digitnity was restored for the 96 who tragically lost their lives. 

The jury in the Hillsborough inquest yesterday concluded that the 96 were unlawfully killed that day. A massive police cover up both locally and nationally in England put the blame souly on the fans of Liverpool Football Club that day, and in stead of helping those in need, police were slack in allowing emergency personell in the stadium to assist those who could have been saved. It was one of the most tragic disasters in football, one that rocked the world and enforced strict rules to fans seating that are practicsed till today. For the families of the 96, they can now finally rest, knowing that their loved ones names have been cleared and the final piece of the puzzle is for those who were to blame, are to be punished accordingly. 


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Monday Choon: Keegan John Moore - Lay It On Tonight Ft. Gabrielle

We're all for promoting local things and it's not because we want to push South African content for the sake of it but because we really believe it's good content. Last week I got a message from a friend and it was evident she want extremely excited about the release of this song,  it's by latest editions to The Cartel of Cape Town, Keegan John Moore and Gabrielle, and it's all put together and produced by the talented Ameen Harron.

Like any musical masterpeices there's always a story to the song and Lay it on tonight - is no different. It started off with the Ameen and Gabrielle helping Keegan out on writing his new song, she helped write the secon part and it was then suggested that she lend her vocals to the track, recording started 10pm and they were done by 2am. And as she puts it "that was that". The song has already hit the airwaves of 5fm on their new music feature but with your help it could make their play list. If you dig the song as much as we do, Tweet @NewMusicNation5 on @5fm to play the song #layitontonight

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Picks of the week

I know its midweek but it's my birthday so screw all of you, I get to make the rules! It's been an exciting week so far, even though theres still a few days to go. This week saw two outstanding Coupe's being launched, first the ever so sexy Mercedes Benz C Class Coupe and the BMW M2 Coupe. Both of which are amazing in their own right and I cannot wait to see them on the roads. 

Also launched this week was an interview with our January Bucket Babe, Candice Boucher for World Swimsuit. In the interview she talks about coming full circle in her modeling career as well as about her shoot with the crew last year.


And lastly, it just makes perfect sense to end the evening off with some sport, Liverpool take on city rivals in the Merseyside Derby tonight. It's called the "friendly derby" but there's nothing friendly about it on the pitch, both side want nothing less than maximum points from the game because along with it, comes bragging rights of the city. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Choon: Domenic Furfaro - Future Funk ak9 Edit

If you like me have no idea who Domenic Furfaro is, rest assured you're not alone. The relatively unknown DJ hails from an off road country town in Western Australia. His specialty is progressive house and he's been leading the Aussies with this regard. His featured track today "Future Funk" was played on Tiesto's Clublife episode 465 of which I picked up on it and quite enjoyed. It's the AK9 edit and it has that certain something to it that could make it a one of the better tracks being lately. It's certainly sitting well with me as it's been added to my playlist. 


Friday, April 15, 2016

Belief is back

If you're a Liverpool supporter like myself, your nerves are still probably tingling from last nights result against Dortmund in the Europa League. The famed "European Nights at Anfield" were back and even though it wasn't in the continents premier competition, it still provided probably one of the most memorable matches in recent times and will surely go down as one of the greats. Jurgen Klopp's Red Army set their sights on reaching the semi-finals of the competition after securing a 1 all draw in Germany the week before, having the comfort of an away goal, it seemed like the match at Anfield was set to be a tight one for the home team to scruff out a tame result that would see them progress but as history would tell you, Liverpool never do things the easy way and so ensued one of the greatest comebacks seen this decade in Europe. 

Now being a Liverpool supporter of recent, you not sure what team is going to show up on the pitch that day and last night was more of the same. Dortmund came out firing, and after 8 minutes, they put 2 goals past our lackluster defence and they were looking set to progress but there was something about last night, there was this feeling of confidence around, not just at Anfield but in the streets of Liverpool , also with the commemoration of the Hillsborough disaster which occurred today 27 years ago, and the crowds filling the cities streets with red before the game. Origi slotted in a goal shortly after the half time break and it was game on! With our tails up we began to attack again, only for us to be caught out on a counter and Marco Reus slotting in Dortmund's 3rd to silence Anfield once again. 

Now on must occasions I would concede defeat, but I didn't, neither did the crowd and neither did the team and one has got to hail the difference that the German manager has made to the team and the players, instilling them with confidence and making it known that the game isn't over until the final whistle. We saw the heroics that transpired at Carrow Road where Adam Lallana scored a dramatic winner in the last minute of the game so with that, the team kept on going, even though we needed to score 3 more goals to ensure the result in our favour. Coutinho who was struggling for most of the game struck and from then on, you just knew you were about to witness something special. 

The fight from then on must have felt like an eternity for the Dortmund players as Liverpool were relentless. The all round belief that the team could get 2 more goals were achievable and that's the kind of belief we had 10 years ago with Benitez, Klopp had manged to bring that back and for me that's one of the greatest feelings ever. Knowing that no matter what the scoreline, the team won't give up and do their level best to get a result. As a supporter there's nothing more you can ask for from your team than that. What transpired there-of will be noted in the history of the Europa League as once of the greatest come backs in a knock-out stage but the work isn't done yet. We still have the semi-finals and possibly the finals to come and we going to need a lot more of that belief to get us through. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bucket Tech: Huawei Mate 8 - First Impressions

Last week I was finally able to attend a Huawei launch as the previous times I had to decline due to various reasons, mostly due to my day job but I was looking forward to it as I've heard much about these famed launch parties that the cell phone giant hosts. Huawei are really pushing all the boundaries and attacking the market aggressively, with good reason too. Their products are great and most of which are a fraction of the cost compared to its competitors, it's taken the consumer some time to become accustom to the brand but I think they're making strides into warming into most of them. They certainly convinced me with the previous devices I've had to test from them. 

The Mate 8 that was being launched is the flagship model from the Chinese brand and with the Mate S being around for about a year, it was interesting to see what major improvements were made to the device. The media were invited to a special presentation where we got to see and find out more about the device first hand from the Hauwei team. After an impressive promo video, Charlene Munilall, General Manager for Huawei Consumer Business Group SA addressed us, speaking about the Mate 8, she had this to say, "The Mate 8 represents the pinnacle of style, innovation and ground-breaking technology that introduces a new style of business. The Mate 8 has set a new standard in style that transcends its beautifully crafted exterior to deliver a mobile companion that meets the needs fo today's always-connected and sharing user"

The phone itself doesn't look much different to the Mate 7 or Mate S, it retains it's 6-inch Full HD screen while the screen size remains the same, the actual phone size has reduced to fit comfortably in your hand. It's encased in a super-slim metallic uni-body, which means no removable battery but one of the key features that grabbed my attention on the Mate 8 was it's SmartPower technology which optimises the allocation of the Mate 8's resources. It monitors and scans the devices apps and reduces the power consumption to background apps by half, thus pro-longing your battery life. I was really impressed with the Mate 7's battery life, as I am almost constantly on mine and the 7 used to give me just over a day of battery life. With the Mate 8, Huawei say it's impressive 4000mAh high-capacity battery will give you 1 and half days of heavy phone use, or 17 hours of continuous HD video, that it mighty impressive and something I have to test for myself. For regular uses, you can get much more battery life as regular use is said to be in the region of 2 and half days before you have to plug it into charge again. The Mate 8 will be available in two versions, the 32gig and 64gig both with dual 4G sim slots. 

Camera wise, the Mate 8 has a 16MP Sony camera with a proprietary image sensor processor for faster focusing, higher clarity and more accurate colours. The front facing camera is a 8MP wide-angel camera that introduces new dimensions in high-quality selfies. The Mate 8 processing power is quite impressive as well as it's the worlds first smartphone to use the latest Cortex-A72 CPU and high-performance Mali-T880 GPU. The revolutionary i5 intelligent processor is the most powerful coprocessor currently available and supports all the functions of a sensor hub as well as speech recognition, low-power consumption, MP3 playback, Fused Location Provider navigation and reduced location-based power consumption by nearly 70%. Which in essence makes this phone one of the fastest processing units available on the market, so the chances of your Mate 8 slowing down or freezing are extremely slim. The Mate 8 really seems to be the real deal when it comes to business smart phones, as they say it gives new meaning to "Doing Business". I've always been a fan of their build quality and features and even though they spending a lot of cash on marketing and improving their presence in the market, their products speak for themselves. 

Huawei also used this opportunity to announce the launch of their G Series of phones to the market. Aimed at the youth, these phones will be much more affordable than the Mate and P series and features on them will be directly targeted at the younger tech savvy generation. Hauwei have 3 models in the range, the G8, GR5 and GR3, all of which are currently available in SA.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Choon: Zara Larsson, MNEK - Never Forget You (Dash Berlin Remix)

The thing about big music festivals is that the DJ's who play there want to showcase their latest work and once we get a listen to great tracks which were played for the first time, we want to hear more of it but we have to wait till their official release. One such track is the Dash Berlin Remix of Zara Larsson's & MNEK's track. Dash dropped it during his set on main stage at Ultra Miami, no word yet on when the official release will be but I can't wait to share it with you guys. The original song from Zara Larsson and MNEK is doing rather well on the charts and getting loads of airplay on the local radio stations but Dash does what Dash does best in remixes and just made the song that much more better. Here's the song taken from his live set at Ultra Miami 2016. 


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Bucket Seat: Ford Invest in South Africa

Even though the current political climate in the country is at a boiling point with Parliament in turmoil after the recent constitutional court judgement against the president, it's good to see major investment being made to the country. Yesterday speaking at Ford Motor Company's Assembly plant in Silverton, Pretoria, Ford's executive vice president and president of Europe, Middle East and Africa, Jim Farley announced that company will be expanding operations at the plant with an investment of R2.5 billion!

This investment and expansion will mean an extra 1,200 jobs at Ford SA and within the South African supplier network. The plant will see itself after completion of the expansion produce the all new Ford Ranger and Everest, of which both were launched in the last quarter of 2015. Along with this, the market will also receive a new engine line up for the Everest which includes a 2.2 litre Duratorq TDCi four cylinder diesel engine. "Our customers love the capability and utility offered by the all-new Ford Everest. By producing the Everest in South Africa, we will be able to make it more readily available, and in greater variety of models for customers throughout Sub-Saharan Africa." - Jim Farley.

The plant currently exports the Ford Ranger to 148 countries in Africa, Middle East and Europe, and supplies Argentina, Thailand, North America, India and China  with engines and machined equipment. Last year at Ford's Go Further Summit held in Sandton, they pledged their alliance with the continent growth by confirming that they would assemble the new Ranger in Nigeria, using semi knock-down (SKD) kits and components imported from South Africa.

It's great that Ford Motor Company is showing interest in investing in our country, the demand for their product is here and if they can improve service and delivery times of vehicles for the market as well as create jobs while doing that only serves as a massive boost for our economy. Also with the Everest expanding it's engine line-up, gives the consumer more choice in decided their perfect SUV and takes the competition directly to their competitors. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Monday Choon: Blasterjaxx & Breathe Carolina – Soldier

Dutch DJ producers Thom Jongkind and Idir Makhlaf, better known as Blasterjaxx partened up with North American electronic trio Breathe Carolina on this one. Breathe Carolina sprung onto the scene recently with their hit single "more than ever", it reached high spots on many of the electronic dance music charts as well as featured on many of the top DJ's podcasts, including Tiesto who even featured their guest mix on his weekly radio podcast, Club Life. The official video for Soldier launched last week and we have it for you today. Enjoy!


Friday, April 1, 2016

Mystic India comes to Durban - Competition


After entertaining audiences around the world with electrifying and mind blowing performances to sold out shows, the much anticipated Mystic India in association with Zee TV makes it way to South African shores, to leave local audiences spell bound with brilliant dancers, breathtaking acrobats, renowned musicians, extravagant sets and stunning visual effects. 

Mystic India has been seen by over half a million people in it's world wide performances and tours. Critics have only spoken of high praise for the show which features a cast of 22 talented performers in a show that takes you through the journey of India and it's dance. This production intertwines a mesmerizing combo: Traditional India meets the urban streets of Mumbai and New York. The audience will be taken through a cultural expose' of the various dance forms through the many states in India, from Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat as well the evolution of Bollywood films via a visual display that fuses dance, theatre and special effects. 

It's like a Bollywood spectacular but live on stage, with 750 lavish costume changes, and a celebratory production which is directed and choreographed by the prominent choreographer and production master, Amit Shah, and produced by US-based AATMA Performing Arts, of which Shah is the founder and creative director.  Shah is no stranger to such productions as he has been known to have a critical eye and creative disposition with his many years of experience in the world of dance, theatre and media as well as working on Bollywood film sets and choregrpahing stage productions with top actor and former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra. 

"If you have ever wanted to visit India, this production is your direct flight there. Mystic Indian will blow you all the way to the small villages of India to the fast-paced streets of Mumbai and New York. Audiences will get it all!" - said Shah about Mystic India.

South African audiences can look forward to this spectacular on stage performance that features a female lead of Kruti Shah, an internationally distinguished dancer and choreographer who shot to fame as a Top 10 finalist on the dance reality show, Just Dance. She's trained in modern forms of movement, such as ballet, pointe, tap, hip-hop, jazz and modern. Kruti also developed an interest in more ancient Indian forms of dance, particularly Bharatnyatam and Kathak. 

This larger than life Bollywood extravaganza will be visiting Durban on the 23rd of April at Durban's ICC and then moves on to Johannesburg for 3 nights at The Teatro Monecasino from the 29th of April till the 1st of May 2016. Tickets range between R185 and R485 and will be available through Computicket and its various retail outlets. Bookings are now open so make sure you get your tickets now! for more information visit their website:

Competition time! the Bucket in association with Mystic India is giving away a set of double tickets to one lucky reader for the Durban show on the 23rd of April 2016. All you have to do is Tweet me @AMG133 "I want to win with #MysticIndia and #theBucket". Competition closes on the 12th of April and winners will be notified by Twitter.