Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Choon: The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face (Martin Garrix Remix)

R&B singer "The Weeknd" has been blowing up of recent and his latest single "Can't Feel My Face" is ever popular on any radio station and features on most of the Top 40 charts. Good ol Martin Garrix decided to take this track an spice it up a bit in his own unique way and boy does it sound good. He first dropped this track at Tomorrowland in Belgium and now it seems to be becoming more popular than the original! It's not officially released as yet but we manged to find a copy of it. 


Friday, August 28, 2015

Durban Bierfest 2015 with Tops at Spar! - COMPETITION

It's that time of the year again Durban, time for the Tops at Spar Bierfest! With Spring just a few days away, temperatures are heating up and with that, there's nothing better than a cool refreshing beer, so the timing is just right for the event. In it's 5th year running, the event will be held inside a 4,000 seater mega Bavarian Brauhaus tent at Suncoast Casino. Like the previous years, the event is themed on the much loved Munich Oktoberfest and the organisers, Tops at Spar have gone all out to ensure this year's event surpasses the ones before in it's own unique way. 

There will be friendly fetching frauleins in drindl skirts to be at your service through-out your time there, a live oompah band that is sure to get you off your bench with some festive tunes, along with a host of artists and bands lined up at this years Bierfest. 

The host for this year, dubbed the "Mayor of Munich" is local comedian and actor, Brendan Murray. Like the previous years, there will be activities for the crowd as well, some of them include Tapping of the Keg, Best Dressed, Mass-Heben (stein lifting). 

One of the presenting partners, No. 3 Fransen Street will be presenting their three small batch bands - a Cream Ale, a pert Ired Red Ale and a traditional Krystal Weiss. Along with an long-time favourite, the limited edition Bavarian styled ale, specially named the Roayal Bavaria Oktoberfest Bier. 

Tops at Spar have pulled out all the stops in partnering with major brands for the event and are responsible for the #DrinkSmart campaign, that encourages visitors to not drink and drive with the mobile app DRYVER in association with Good Fellas, Uber, Becks Non- Alcoholic and JIGUJA detox drink. Safety is their number one priority and they want people attending the Bierfest to get home safely and responsibly. 

Ticketing information: 

The Braumeister Package: R875 (excl. VAT) includes:

  • Premium 3 - course traditional Bavarian Meal
  • VIP seating
  • Dedicated Fraulein to your table
  • Complimentary premium bar (Limited)
  • Premium costume accessories
  • Complimentary 1L Beirfest stein (1 per person)
  • Complimentary can of JIGUJA Detox Drink
  • Glamcam photo
The Brauhaus Package: R445 (excl. VAT) per person includes:
  • Traditional 2-  course Bavarian Meal
  • Complimentary Bar (Limited)
  • Costume accessories
  • Glamcam Photo
  • Complimentary can of JIGUJA Detox Drink
Uber Bier Hall DAY TIME ticket: R195 per person includes:
  • Entrance to the event
  • 1 complimentary 500ml bier
  • His/Her apron
  • Free bier tasting
  • Free can of JIGUJA detox drink
  • Glamcam photo
Uber Bier Hall NIGHT TIME ticket: R215 per person includes:
  • Entrance to the event
  • 1  complimentary 500ml bier
  • His/ her apron
  • Free bier tasting
  • Free can of JIGUJA detox drink
  • Glamcam Photo
Option 5: Standard Bier Hall DAY TIME ticket: R125 per person includes:
  • Entrance to the event
  • Free bier tasting

Option 6: Standard Bier Hall NIGHT TIME ticket: R140 per person includes:
  • Entrance to the event
  • Free bier tasting
There will be an additional R20 at-door price. All purchases at Bierfest are made using "crowns". Crowns are available in denominations of R30 and purchased in packs of 5 (value R150). Crowns are NON-REFUNDABLE.

All packages can be booked through the office TOPS at SPAR Bierfest website: or through the events Facebook page, SA Bierfest.

The event is not open to visitors under the age of 18.

COMPETITION TIME! Win double tickets for you and a friend to either the DAY TIME event or NIGHT TIME event. 

To enter for the DAY TIME event:
Simply follow me @AMG133 on twitter and tweet: "I want to win with @AMG133 and @SABierfest #SABierfest"

To enter for the NIGHT TIME event:
LIKE the Bucket Facebook Page and comment on the post about Bierfest: "I want to win with the Bucket and #SABierfest!"

Both competitions close on Tuesday at 12pm.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bucket Seat: Mercedes-Benz C63S Coupe

Before I begin, can we please have a moment to just sit and admire what has been created by the engineers at Affalterbach. 

Okay, thats enough for now. Seriously the new Merc C63S AMG Coupe is one seriously good looking car, following the lines of its bigger brother, the S63 AMG Coupe, the car is almost a miniature version of it. I still think the S does look better but it would be more heavier as well. The C-Class Coupe is small, would be more agile and lighter than the S and thus provide endless amounts of fun for the driver. 

Mercedes-Benz released both the C-Class Coupe and C63S Coupe way before the start of the Frankfurt Motorshow, guess they were too excited to show the world their marvelous creation and decided to screw formality and release it anyway. This model is in direct competition with the BMW M4, and on paper, it looks to have it beaten but like the previous model duals, paper and track is two very different things. The AMG will be made available in two variants, the C63 and the C63S, with a 50Nm of torque being the difference. There's also a difference in wheels, tyres and dynamic engine mounts. 

Both AMG's come fitting with the beastly V8 and on the S model has a 0-100 time of 3.9 seconds, 0.2 seconds faster than the M4. The car is a visual master piece and will go on sale in March next year. No indication yet on the pricing for SA market but I'm sure it won't be that much different to the Sedan. I can see many prospective sedan buyers holding back to wait for the coupe after this, it really is a stunning vehicle and the sounds....well hear it for yourself. 


Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Choon: Major Lazer - Powerful ft. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley (Michael Calfan Remix)

Major Lazer is an electronic group consisting of members Jillionaire, Walshy Fire and Boaz Van De Beatz, the group created by renown DJ and Producer Diplo has been bringing out some good tracks. Their latest single features Ellie Goulding on the vocals and is a current favourite on many of the playlists. Michael Calfan also seemed to be a fan of the track and added his own twist to it with his remix and it's nothing short of brilliant!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bucket Babe: Anika Laubscher

It's almost the end of August and summer is getting ever so closer for us in South Africa, but its time to turn up the heat with this months bucket babe as we go off shore to find this local lass doing great things in Europe. Our featured model has lived in a number of countries on our beautiful continent and has now relocated to Europe to show them a thing or two, she's currently studying but has been in the modelling world for a while now and I can honestly say she is another one of our hot exports. She's been flying relatively low under the radar but we've managed to track her down on instagram and boy is it a must to follow! Her friendly nature is just one of the characteristics that adds to her charm and after reading what sandwich she would make for me, I almost went down on one knee. We'd like to wish her all the best for whatever life has in store for, hopefully it is big things and maybe one day we would get to share that sandwich. ;)

Anika Laubscher

Growing up I lived in 3 different African countries, South Africa (where I was born), Tanzania and Namibia until I decied to take on Europe for good. I packed up my bags, kissed family and friends goodbye and now I live in the beautiful region of Marche, Italy...studying and collecting memories wherever life lets me go. (I'll go anywhere, why stay in one place? ;)

I love unplanned adventures, proving fortune cookies (and people) wrong and the company of eccentric people.
 I try not to break my head on the future so much anymore, the present is pretty awesome if you know how to live it.

Instagram: anika1936


1. Hot girls and hot cars go hand in hand, what ride would you like to see yourself in?
  • Anything classic really, but oh my a Shelby Cobra Super Snake definitely wins.
2. What sandwich are you most likely to make for me? and will it be toasted or plain?
  • Who eats plain bread anyways? TOASTED for sure! Your sandwich will contrain, Avocado, cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato, olive oil, cream cheese, *toasted* with an egg on top. You'll onlu get half though, way too much effort to make one for both of us ;)
3. Everyone loves popcorn (well I think they do) what is your topping/ sprinkle of choice?
  • I think you thought wrong....I hate popcorn. I'll trade for a salt and vinegar potato chips.
4. Dream cover shoot?
  • Vogue, Italy 
5. If given a choice, full time model or full time executive, what would you choose?
  • I've already done the full time model thing, let's give bossing around a try :D
6. Growing up you must have had someone you aspired to be, so who is your role model?
  • There's not one specific person but a few traits of specific people that I deeply admire, two of those people are my aunt Liza Dempers  and my dad, Hentie Laubscher.
7. Anyone holding that hand yet? or is it available?
  • undisclosed.
8. Obviously being a female you would love fashion. Favourite label/ designer?
  • Oscar de la Renta, he did it all and I want it all.
9. What type of music gets your booty shaking?
  • When it comes to music, anything will do but blues, classical and rock will do better:)
10. Which city is your dream party destination?
  • Macau again for sure.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bucket Seat: Ford B-Max - First Impressions

We're expanding our brands of motoring and now welcome the American brand Ford to our pages. As you know by now I was invited by Ford last week to the their Go Further exhibition last week in Sandton, it was a showcase on what the next year held for the company in terms of strengthening their brand in Africa with various partnerships and initiatives as well as releasing new models to the market, one of which being the B-Max which I got to drive the next day as part of the official launch of the vehicle. 

Ford say that the B-Max falls in a unique segment known as the "B-Mav" with the only car that could be called a competitor being the Toyota Avanza. In theory I think both cars serve a different purpose and whilst the Avanza might be seen as a cheaper alternate to most MPV's, the B-Max has that sense of luxury to it. The design is nothing out of the ordinary from Ford with it borrowing style lines from the Fiesta and Kuga. The key talking point about this car is no doubt the door system with conventional swing doors at the front and sliding doors for the rear passenger and eliminating the need for a B Pillar. Ford say that safety has not been comprised as a mixture of high strength and mild strength steel reinforcing has been built into the doors, helping the car achieve a 5 star N Cap rating. 

Now one of the main reasons for the doors being like this is to allow easy entry and exit to the cabin through a 1,5m wide unobstructed opening as well as help load bulky packages into the car but it is flawed in a way seeing that the back seats cannot slide back with only the option of moving the front seats forward. That being said with the 60/40 seating layout, both the rear seats of the car and the front passenger seat can be folded down to increase loading capacity for objects as long as 2.34m. That is impressive to say the least, that kind of thing will come handy to us guys on the coasts who own surfboards and kayaks. 

The car is an everyday lifestyle vehicle and after the short presentation it was time to find out what it was like on the busy roads of Johannesburg. The organisers were kind enough to wait till traffic died down before sending us on our route which was roughly 100km. There are 3 models in the B-Max all of which come with their award winning 1.0 EcoBoost Engine, which I might add coped well with the demands of the car. It's a sizable vehicle but when power was required, there was no sense of lag and having to down change the manual gear box. The ride is solid and while there was no place to test the handling of the car, one feels you wouldn't really need to. 

On the inside, the interior is very comfy and very driver friendly, all models come with Fords SYNC systems which connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth relatively pain free and you can do it while the vehicle is in motion. Yes, I know this could be seen as a safety hazard but often when cruising around at 20km at a parking lot, this would come handy having not being forced to pull over to the side and connect. Once connected you can view you phone book contacts and music files on the tiny screen that's provided in the dash, still can't fathom why they sticking with a screen that most smart phones are bigger than now. Hopefully this will change in time to come. 

Overall the car is a decent buy, its well priced too with it starting at R221,000.00 for the entry level Ambiente to R271,000.00 for the range topping Titanim. The car will be sold with a 4 year / 120,000km comprehensive warranty with a 60,000km service plan. It's the perfect lifestyle vehicle offering the buyer the flexibility for whatever use they may need it for, it's something different and should be a great option for small families. The B-Max is only available with a manual gear box for now with plans to bring down an automatic gearbox later on should their be a demand.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Monday Choon: Calvin Harris & Disciples - How Deep Is Your Love

King Calvin is at it again, it seems the 31 year old from Dumfries in the United Kingdom can do no wrong of recent, churning out hit after hit from his studio. His last track "Pray to God" featuring HAIM had a good run on the charts and now for his next single he's teamed up with the Disciples who are also from his neck of the world in England for his latest track "How Deep Is Your Love". It's already getting some airplay by the big name deejays and should be another chart topper soon. He's just dropped the music video for it as well. It's a very mellow sounding track with some deep house beats and lyrics, perfect to ease into the week to.


Friday, August 14, 2015

Bucket Seat: Ford Go Further Africa

This past Tuesday I was part of many local motoring journalists that attended the Ford "Go Further" conference which was held in Sandton at the International Convention Centre. For those who aren't familiar with what it is all about, well it's Ford's very own showcase of what they have in store for the upcoming year in terms of new models, projected figures, past year figures and have a party. Basically it's their very own motor show. Besides the local media, there was international media, local and other dealers from Sub Sarahan Africa as well as key clients of the company in attendance. So you can only imagine the magnitude of something like this. 

The conference kicked off with an exhibition with some of the current models in the Ford fleet, with passenger cars like the Fiesta, Fusion, Focus and the commercial line up as well. Guests had time to have an up close look at these vehicles while having a light lunch before moving onto the main exhibition hall where the main event was being held. 

The show kicked off with Ford's CEO for Sub Saharan Africa, Jeff Nemeth addressing the thousands in attendance about the past year in figures for the company, and then highlighting the way forward for Ford RSA and Africa as a whole. At last years Go Further event it was announced that Ford would release 17 new models over 2 years and so far 11 of those have been brought to the market, the following 6 were due to be unveiled at this years event which left many eager with anticipation over what they could be. 

First up in the small passenger segment was the Ford Figo, a well priced small hatch which now comes in sedan form as well. Lot of characteristics are form the current fiesta with the same stylish interior and front headlights baring a slight resemblance as well. Moving up a segment to the next release was Ford's all new B-Max who's launch coincided with the Go Further Expo, I will be doing a separate review of this vehicle on the blog soon. 

Next up was the big boys, Ford's past Everest model wasn't the best looking product from their stable but in terms of sales it didn't do too badly but couldn't compete with the ever popular models in the same segment from other manufacturers, however with the new look Everest baring the same design style of the new Ford Ranger, this one is looking mighty fine and can see it coming in as a strong contention to rival those from the east who seem to have dominated the SUV market over the years. 

Ford's Ranger has been a sensation in SA, it was the highest selling vehicle in SA at the beginning of the year, yes, vehicle not bakkie. Ford have built over 250,000 of them in South Africa and are planning on expanding operations outside the borders with a new plant being planned for Nigeria. South Africa will still play a pivotal role in supplying the plant with panels for the vehicles and thus will see more job creation in the SA market by the company. The new spec Ford Ranger was unveiled which see's the entire front and cabin being upgraded, making the van look more masculine with a bigger grille, square head lights and bulkier look. It's sure to break more record sales for a van when released. 

It was then time to see what Ford's Performance range had to offer, the big one last year was news that the Mustang was finally considered for the SA market with the product due to hit our shores before December, all orders have officially been open around the country but no indication of pricing yet which seems strange? This year it was announced that Ford will also be bringing down the topless version of the car as well. Having a chance to see the car up close, it really is an impressive machine and if priced well, will do very well in South Africa given not only it's incredible heritage but also the look and feel of the car. 

Like all major shows, it has to end with a bang and that was adequately brought by Ford's all new Focus RS. The hot hatch which is powered by Ford's 2.3 ltr EcoBoost engine produced 257kW of raw power. This is the 3rd generation of the RS model and the all wheel drive car features dynamic torque vectoring for class leading cornering speed and at-limit handling as said by the company. Lots of words but for this car it's all about what it can do on the tarmac. It sounds superb and looks the part with aggressive styling and a massive rear wing. It will be available in 4 colours, one of which is exclusive to the RS and will be hitting our market early next year. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Choon: Markus Schulz ft Delacy - Destiny

I know it's not Monday but since yesterday was part of the extended weekend, today feels like one and hence we thought we'd dealy the Monday Choon to Tuesday and a long with it bring you some exiting news. Well you see along with today's featured artist we also bringing you the great news that they will be visiting our country and Durban in particular! 

Yes the Unicorn slayer himself, Markus Schulz will be tearing it up at Origin on the 11th of September. After listening to recent sets of his at Tomorrowland, it just gets me more amped to see the Dutch legend again live on South African shores after witnessing the madness back in 2010. It's bound to be an awesome event and for more info visit the events page on Facebook: Markus Schulz LIVE at Origin, for now you can enjoy one of his latest offerings featuring Delacy, called Destiny.


Friday, August 7, 2015

Lexus Hoverboard

Most of the guys growing up in the 90's would know about the movie Back to the the Future staring Michael J Fox as Marty McFly, now a lot of cool things were seen in the then "Future" which is now our present, like flying cars, mini pizza's that turn into large pizza's that microwave and self lace tying Nike sneakers but from all that was shown there was one thing that we all craved the most and that was the hover board that Marty used, besides it being cool, it was the closest thing that a normal person can come close to flying, with friction-less movement through the air. There were a lot of fake videos that did the rounds over the past few years and many having claimed to have made an actual working one but as with all myth's they were soon busted but not until now...

The smart guys at Japanese motor manufacturer Lexus however set out on a quest to put all myths to bed by actually making a working prototype hover board. Now ever since the launch video on Tuesday evening I've been seeing comments on the various social media streams "its another fake", "computer animation", "green screen tricks"... um no dumbasses,  its real and they did it with a thing called its called physics. 

Japan for long has been the leader in innovation when it comes to magnetic levitation (MagLev), with it being used for their famed "Bullet Trains". Till now Japan's original Bullet train travels faster than any other train made in the US. Now I can explain the nitty gritty of how the whole thing works but someone already did that on Wikipedia but basically its a mode of transporting without the object touching the ground as it moves along a magnetic track. 

Whats with the smoke? When you watch the video, you'll see smoke emitting from the hover board, no its not on fire, neither is it just for effects, that's liquid nitrogen discharge, the magnets heat up to such a point that it has to be cooled down as fast as possible and the only way this is possible is by using liquid nitrogen which freezes anything it comes into contact with in an instant!


Now that you know much about it, many of you must be thinking Lexus cheated by building a magnetic track and the hover board can only go along that specific track but reality is, for now that is the only possible way. To make a magnet that defy's gravity is much to ask but there's no saying they are not busy with it anyway. Why did Lexus do this? Well they say it was to prove that nothing is impossible, but if you look into is, there could be some R&D they can take from this into potentially use maglev technology in cars and making a "flying car". The possibilities are endless and if we don't have engineers playing around (I say that loosely) with things like this, we won't know what is and isn't possible.