Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Keeping Up With The Kandasamy's

Last week Thursday saw the premiere for the much anticipated local movie "Keeping Up With The Kandasamy's" and I was one of the fortunate few to get a pre-screening of the movie before it's official release date on March 3rd. I went into the screening with a my mind made up on what the movie would be like as we've become accustomed to what to expect when it came to local productions but I left astounded at what I saw. 

Keeping Up With The Kandasamy's was nothing like what I expected and really was a great and enjoyable movie. The production was top quality, story line was brilliant as well as the acting. It featured a host of well known actors and actresses as well as introduced us to some new ones. Directed by Jayan Moodley, the story is loosely based on a forbidden love between the children of neighbors who do not see eye-to-eye in the suburb of Chatsworth. The mothers played by Jayaloshni Naidoo and Maeshni Naicker are central to the story line, where they were once close friends but now foes, but put aside their differences to try and separate their kids, played by Madhushan Singh and Mishqah Parthiephal, who are madly in love with each other. Jayaloshni was teacher of mine in high school, so it was great seeing her on the big screen. 

The movie offers light-hearted comedy with the added Durban twist, and is certainly a must for all. Jayan says this movie is a love letter to Chatsworth and it's just that, while this tale does depict a story of two families its also an ode to the township where Indians were shunted to back in Aparthied but the area flourished because of the togetherness and perseverance of the community. The movie showcases many of the local attractions in Chatsworth, giving the audience an experience like they've just visited the place. 

It was a great night out at the movies, and getting to meet some of the stars of the production was pretty cool too. Overall it's one of those feel good movies that you know isn't going to win any major awards but leaves you feeling happy inside.  I'm no Barry Ronge but I'd give the movie a scintillating seven, be sure to pre-book your tickets now!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Choon: Gramercy - Changes

You know when Armada Music puts their name behind an artist it's with good reason. Gramercy, out of New York dropped their latest single "Changes" and it was featured on many podcasts as well as being featured on the set lists of some big names in the EDM world, one of them being David Guetta who you can catch this weekend at Ultra SA!. I first heard it on Tiesto's ClubLife 513 and instantly loved the track. It has an awesome flow, different sound and great beat. Just the sort of song to get your week going. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Bucket Seat: BMW i3 Rex

As a kid, one of my favourite toys was my radio control car which my dad bought me for my 5th birthday. It was a Mercedes Benz 190E, scaled down to detail and one of the very few toys that lasted me a while before being dismantled to take a look at the inner workings of it. It seemed pretty simple, an electrical motor, battery being the key components to make it work. I then wondered why couldn't a normal car be made the same way? It was clearly evident that I wasn't the only one thinking this, there were problems to it though, at the time we didn't have much variety in the battery market with either lead-acid or alkaline on offer, both of  which were too big and weighed a lot. Not to mention the amount of charge either held was no where near enough to power a normal car for a kilometer let along an entire day. 

As time went on, technology evolved and whilst we all had fantasy's of what the future would look like for transport, whether a flying car would be a reality or even worth the effort or will scientist have found a way to teleport beings from one place to another? All that sounded cool but the fact is we're still miles away from inventing them right now and we have to look at what we can do now to improve something that the human race relies on so heavily on a day to day basis. With the increase in oil price and attention being made to pollution, car manufacturers were forced to develop cleaner, greener cars as way to stem away from combustion engines and find a new source of power for them. 

Step in BMW, they launched their electric BMWi range in 2013/14 and I've had the opportunity to drive both the i3 and the i8 during this time. Both of which are fantastic cars but for each one it was a short period so I couldn't really get a sense on how being an owner of such a vehicle would be like. Last week I was spinning around town in the i3 Rex, the Rex being the slightly pricey version which includes a petrol range extension engine should you run out of power in the batteries. My time with the car was nothing short of amazing, the car that BMW have created simply blew me away. 


Quite honestly, every time I look at the BMW i3 or the i8 for that matter, I think it looks a decade ahead of its time and I think that's what they were heading for. It is the future of motoring so to capture that they had to break design barriers and create something to catch peoples eye out when it's on the road and boy did I get a lot of stares and pointing as I drove past people. Everything about the design still remains practical and pivotal to the car though, the cars design is to create minimal drag thus use less energy, the large wheels aren't for style either, when breaking the car uses the large brake discs to generate kinetic energy which then recharges the battery. The doors negate the use of a center pillar, hence saving on space as well as weight to the body. The entire car is made from a new weave of carbon fibre created by BMW for extra strength and minimise weight. They now feature this same carbon core for some of their other models in the range. 


When talking performance on an electric car it is difficult because the motor is completely different and the figures it spits out might not seem as impressive as a normal day to day run around but driving it around will prove otherwise. The motor pushes out 125kW and 250 Nm Torque which doesn't raise any eyebrows but because the car only has 1 gear it's take of speed and reaction time is almost triple that of a normal car. On a 0-100kph sprint the i3 will out race many hot hatches on the road. The car comes with three driving styles being, Comfort, Eco Pro and Eco Pro Plus. Comfort making full use of the battery power as well as allowing the car to reach its' top speed of 160kph, move down a notch the Eco Pro, the cars top speed is limited to 105kph and on Eco Pro Plus mode it's brought down to 90kph and no use of the air-conditioning. Much like normal combustion cars, the more you put the foot down, the more juice it uses but with the i3 , it's always ready to shout you when doing so, helping you conserve the power.


The i3 is full of surprises, the car looks small but its more spacious than most cars on the market. The ergonomic and modern design of the cabin makes use of lighter and stronger materials which minimises space used and thus giving the passengers more much room. The seats are really comfortable and give of a good driving posture. The boot is pretty big as well, I managed to get a set of golf clubs in there with no hassle. Even though the car rides on 20"rims and rather large but narrow tyres, the ride quality is still great.


Now to the most important part, while the car does have a petrol engine, I never actually made use of it. Which I suppose is silly on my part seeing that I am testing the car and should have done so but the car tends to make you a better driver. I said earlier how it warns you when you accelerate too rapidly, well it also warns you when you brake too suddenly. Nothing about the i3 is like a conventional car, you hardly make use of the brake pedal when driving. Soon as you take your foot of the accelerator, the car instantly starts braking on its own to build up a reverse charge to recharge the battery. This helps when driving around urban areas with many stop streets and slow driving and will work well in inner city commuting. when you feel the range anxiety is going to hit, charging the car is as simple as popping the hood, take out the charge cable and plugging it in to your wall socket. While I didn't have a BMW wallbox installed at home, I had to opt for the long charge which takes about 8 hours to fully charge the car. With the wall box this figure is halved but for quick charging, you can head down to you BMWi dealership and make use of their DC fast charge station which charges the car in 24 minutes. 


Once fully charged the car will give you roughly 110km on comfort mode with this range extending when switching to either of the Eco modes. Having the car for a week made a big difference in how I found the car out, you will learn quickly how it works and you will adapt your driving style to suit the car. It ends up almost as a game where you see how much charge you can build up and in the end I found myself going 3 days without having to charge it. BMW say an over night charge will cost you in the region of R60, I'd say the most you can do is about 160km on a single charge if you really drive carefully. Thats about 40c a kilometer, which essentially is peanuts. The car is a bit pricey but you have to take into account not only the technology but the materials used to manufacture this car and it can do everything a normal car can do and more! The return on your investment is there, it will just take a little longer to show it.


I said at the very beginning, this car is a decade ahead of its time, it not only looks that way but theres no other car like it on the market. Yes in due course there will be other competitors but what BMW have done here is put down a marker and other manufacturers have taken up the challenge which can only spell good things for this segment. With more of them investing time and money into this technology it would only mean making this technology better and and the rapid rate we're creating new things, we could have this perfercted sooner than we think. It really is an eye opener of a car and if your daily commute is nothing more than 50km, I suggest you give this car a try. I've convinced quite a few people with my time with it and I'm sure it will continue to not only turn heads in the feature but also get people being more proactive in it. 


Gear Box
Single speed automatic
250Nm of torque
Top Speed
150 Kph
7.2 seconds

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bucket Tech: Nokia 3310 - The Resurrection

Yesterday Nokia announced that it will be making one of it's famed model cellular telephones again, the 3310. Many websites reported it being "back from the dead", but did the phone really ever die? The popular model from the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer developed a cult status as the "never say die" phone in the early 2000's, with battery life lasting for over a week and what seemed like an unbreakable build even though the split faces popped out, no real damage was done to the body. The phone was also one of the smallest on the market, with a great design, feel and look, it also had changeable covers to make it the ultimate fashion accessory. Ever since the introduction of smartphones, models like the 3310 tend to fall away to the side with limited features and most importantly, no internet access. 

For some reason the phones popularity began to rise again of late through internet memes, many of which depicted the phone as the God among phones, with it's great battery life, such memes showed the phone being found buried somewhere for many years with it still have 90% battery life, or some memes showing buildings or floors breaking when the phone was dropped onto it. Whilst this was all great and funny, we never imagined the actual manufacturer to go back and build the phone again. Nokia say they will build a modern version of the device to sell, which would retail for about 59 Euros, that's roughly R850, Now while we don't exactly know what this new 3310 would be like, it is said to have the key features that made it great, i.e good build quality and great battery life. 

The device is said to launch later this month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Now I have my doubt's about this device, if it is just a 3310, it won't be the most practical phone around. It would be used purely for texting and calling, yes for the older generation it would have been perfect 2 years ago but with many in the late 60's to 80's age bracket adapting to modern technology and making use of applications like Skype, Whatsapp and Face Time, what would a phone like this be of use to them? Also, have you ever tried making your smartphone dumb? That is turning off data and reducing it to just GSM connectivity? You'd be surprised at how long your phone battery will last, at most some could go on for 10 times longer than usual.

For some, the nostalgia of owning a 3310 again might be something great and Nokia could have a great product on their hand in terms of re-marketing itself as a global competitor after the Microsoft disaster but I honestly don't see the need for this phone unless you planning on having it as an emergency phone stored away somewhere in a break-glass case when the Zombie Apocalypse begins. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Monday Choon: Loud Luxury & Ryan Shepherd - Something to Say

This one is a bit of a throwback for a Monday, and honestly one of the hottest deep house tracks out at the moment. Loud Luxury and Ryan Shepherd have taken a vintage Craig David track and done something really special to it. "Fill Me In" was one of those cult favourites from his debut album "Born to do it", since then not much of his work could stand up to that album so much so, 17 years later the songs still sound great. In the age where Deep House culture is growing ever popular, the track has made a come back thanks to Loud Luxury and Ryan Shepherd, first heard on Tiesto's AFTR:HRS mix, this track is growing ever popular on the circuit. It was officially released about a week ago with the official music video dropping just four days ago, so it's still hot and we got here on the blog!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Bucket Seat: BMW M760Li xDrive - First Impressions

For those who visited the Festival of Motoring held at Kyalami last year, you would have noticed something really special parked off at the BMW stand. Tucked away at the back was the range topping model of the 7 series stable, the M760Li. It's presence was well felt, as soon as you entered the room it caught your attention, from it's large 20" rims, to the flared front bumper and grill to the various M badges and V12 badges that adorn the car. Even the paint work was something to be admired, a dark charcoal grey in matte finish. The car has the long wheel base which means extra room for the passengers at the back, visitors to the festival got to experience this first hand with the rear seats being able to recline with the optional foot rest which forms part of the front seat deploys to give you the ultimate limousine effect. 

Even though the car was on our shores last year, the official worldwide launch of this car only happened this past weekend in the US. From it we learn't more about this spectacular car. The power plant consists the most powerful engine in BMW's arsenal, a 6.6 litre V12, which develops an output of 448kW, 610bhp at 5500rpm.  It is a beat of note, the peak torque of the motor is 800Nm all of which is produced by the help of the high performance unite with leading edge M Performance TwinPower Turbo Technology. The claimed acceleration for 01-00km/h is just 3.7 seconds, the car is electronically governed to a top speed of 250kph. There is an optional M Driver's package, if specified it pushes up the limited speed to 305Km/h. With immense power as that being produced by the engine to haul the 2.2 tonne car along, BMW felt it needed something else to hold the car in place, hence the car come with xDrive. 

What is xDrive? We in SA don't get many BMW models with xDrive, especially the sedan's simply because there is no need for it. xDrive is BMW's all wheel drive system and why the M760Li needs it is quite simple, that power going to just two wheels could be a bit much so it's distributed to all four wheels to enhance the grip and efficiency of the power produced. Not to mention it also adds to a more smoother ride, after all this is a luxury sports limousine. Another cool feature of the M760Li is the rear wheel steering, yes the rear tyres also rotate when steering but just a tad bit and not as noticeable as the front. The car also has innovative Executive Drive Pro suspension, which BMW said adds to the dynamic sharpness and unbeatable ride comfort. The Active roll stabilization minimises body movements and the systems team up with performance tyres. 

We know the car goes very fast but it can also stop fast, the car is fitted with the new 19" M Sport brakes, boasting blue metallic brake calipers and M branding, set the seal on the dynamic armory of the BMW M760Li xDrive and ensure unbeatable deceleration at all times. As with the regular 7 Series, there is a lot to this car and while we didn't even cover half of what it can do here in this post, we got the important bits, for the rest of it we have to wait till this beast makes it's way to the country, yes, this one is coming to South Africa so if you're looking at getting a luxury sedan that packs enough power to rival some of the fastest cars on the roads, this one should be high up on your list. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ultra SA - Final Line Up!

It's less that 16 days till SA's largest electronic dance festival kicks off at the Cape Town stadium and the masses cannot wait! In it's 4th year now, organizers say this years event is going to be bigger and better than previous ones and with Cape Town getting a new iconic venue, it will make it more memorable. Ultra SA lands in Cape Town on the 24th of February at the Cape Town Stadium, there after making it's way to the Nasrec Expo Centre in Johannesburg on the 25th of February. 

The final line up was released yesterday along with the stage set lists so those who are going can see exactly who is playing and where. The perfect way to keep track of your favourite artist schedule and not miss a thing. Just a reminder of those international headliners, Dash Berlin, David Guetta, KSHMR, Martin Garrix, DJ Snake with support acts consisting of Black Coffee, Felix Jaehn, Head Hunterz and Nic Fanciulli. 

Making up the rest of the support acts are some quality local artists, consisting off , Crazy White Boy, DJ Dimplez, Dea Fuel, Euphonik, DJ Fresh, Household Funk, Kryoman, Kyle Watson, Lady Lea, Mark Stant, Pascal and Pearch, PH, Strange Loving, Timo ODV, Twins on Decks, Royal K, Chrizz Beatz, Deep Aztex, D'Ritmo, DJ Eugenics, Ivan Tiranjanin, and many many more. 

Cape Town will see a total of 3 stages, Ultra Main Stage, Resistance Stand and Bridges for Music, whilst Johannesburg will have a total of 4 stages, Ultra Main Stage, Resistance Stage, Until Until, and the Samsung Galaxy Experience Stage. Whether you've been to previous Ultra events, or if this is your first one, it's bound to be a great experience. The lighting, stage and pyrotechnics are second to none. 

For those that haven't yet purchased your tickets as yet, make sure you get them as soon as possible seeing that Tier 1 tickets have just sold out and Tier 2 tickets have been selling fast. So visit now to secure your tickets now!

Details for Tier 2 ticketing can be found below.


Tier 2 General Access: R900*
Tier 2 VIP: R1700*

Tier 2 General Access: R900*
Tier 2 VIP: R1500*

*Booking fees apply to all tickets.

Prices for tables and table bookings to be done via

The UMF SA2017 compilation disc has been released by Sony Music and is already #1 on the iTunes Dance Music Charts! Download or stream the #1 iTunes Dance Album:

For more information, follow Ultra on their various social media streams

Facebook: Ultra South Africa
Twitter: @UltraSA
Instagram: ultrasa

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Monday Choon: Gareth Emery & Standerwick - Saving Light (feat. HALIENE)

If you're a trance addict or just a fan of Gareth Emery, then you would know the painstaking wait for the official release of this track. Debuted last year in June, Saving Light had many asking who made this song? what is it called? when will it be released? Well we soon found out that it was a track by Gareth Emery and Standerwick. Months went on with no official release date up and until early January when the English DJ notified his fans that the track would be released on the 27th of January along with the official music video. The song is a another fine production by Emery, seriously good trance vibes and something that has been lacking for some time in the industry, Standerwick adds his own uniqueness to the track and the vocals just ices the cake for me. The music video is brilliant as well, highlighting the importance of bullying which is affecting a lot of kids out there. Overall, Saving Light was definitely worth the long wait!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Corona Sunsets Festival - Joburg

Following the HUGE success that was Corona Sunsets Festival in Cape Town at the end of last year, the organizers decided to take the festival up country to Johannesburg. The sounds of Deep House will be hitting the Ground at Muldersdrift on the 1st of April and no that is no April's Fool joke. Attendees can look forward to a host of artists including three international headliners! Confirmed for the Joburg leg are, Robin Schulz, Gorgon City and Lovebirds, who will be performing on two live stages. 

The Griffin Stage features the likes of Kid Fonque, Jullian Gomes, Jazzuelle, Lulo Cafe, Chris de Vos, Da Capo, Phat Jack, Ricky H and Tomorrows Will with Lovebirds headling. 

At the Crow Stage, you can catch The Milk Bar Kid, The Kiffness, Pop Art, Tresor, Kyle Deutsch, Aewon Wold, Sketchy Bongo, Strange Loving, Kentphonik, Timo ODV, Black Motion, Culoe de Song and Gorgon City and Robin Schulz bringing the Festival to an end. 

Early Bird tickets are on sale and are selling fast! So better get yours now before the next phase of ticketing kicks in. If Cape Town was anything to go by, Joburg you definitely don't want to miss out on this one! 

For more information, please see details below

But Tickets: Corona Sunsets JHB