Sunday, February 7, 2016

Monday Choon - Ultra Countdown: Zedd - Papercut ft. Troye Sivan

In just about 3 weeks, South Africa will be taken over by some of the worlds biggest names in electronic music. We continue our Ultra South Africa Countdown this week with another superstar DJ that will be headlining the countries premier dance music festival, Zedd. The Russian-German DJ is one of two Grammy award winning DJ's that will be playing at Ultra SA 2016 and it will be his first time in the country. 

I am a big fan of Zedd's previous stuff, his collaborations with artists like Matthew Koma, Hayley Williams, Salena Gomez and Foxes did phenomenally well and which ultimately led to his Grammy Award nomination and win. In his most recent work he still finds himself working with artists from around the spectrum, this week's featured track has the vocals of South Africa's very own Troye Sivan. Troye popular for his starring role in the SA movies Spud, based on the popular noval has been concentrating a lot on his singing of late and it's great to see him team up with Zedd on the track papercut. 


Friday, February 5, 2016

Bucket Seat: BMW M135i

I'm not the biggest fan of hatchbacks, we've only ever owned sedans in my family and big ones at that. Learning how to drive in a large sedan did prove useful to me as anything else that I needed to drive didn't seem like a big adjustment. Hence my love for them continued, even whilst many raved about hatchbacks, I never really took the liking to them, yes I admired the hot hatches but the urge wasn't there. Yes sure they're great cars and most are great value for money but maybe I just preferred having an actual boot? 

BMW called me up  earlier this year and said they were going to send their M135i to me for a week, this was the second time this car was scheduled for me as the last time someone had some trouble with the power of it and it had to go in for some minor repairs, so I was really looking forward to getting this car. Having driven the 120i late last year, I knew the 1 Series was one of the better in it's range compared to it's competitors so having a go in their range topping model was an opportunity I was waiting for.

Since the day it arrived, you knew this car was special. It rolled in, painted in their signature Estoril Blue, with 18" smoked alloy rims, flared air in takes on the front M Sport bumper which was painted in silver and the twin black performance exhausts that hummed to the tuned of its roaring 3 liter, 6 cylinder engine. It made the hair on the back of your neck stand up, this car was no soccer moms car but a proper hot hatch and as much as you can read stats out of the booklet, there's no true way to describe this car unless you experience it yourself. 

BMW cars come in 4 driving modes, Eco-Pro for your conservative driver, Comfort, for your everyday, any type of driving style, Sport, something to beef up the engines response time and then lastly Sport + which beefs up the engine as well as switches off any car aids such as tractional control and ESP. In a car like the M135i, one won't even bother with Eco-Pro as once you take off in comfort with your foot planted to the floor, all you want it more!

The roar from the exhaust is exhilarating and unleashes various emotions while driving it, all of them good though! I described this car as such in one of my tweets, the raw power of the motor working with the twin turbo's is magnificent, it evokes the pure passion of the guys from the factory in Munich. It's relentless and hard working but delivers performance every time you need it. It left me flabbergasted to be honest. It got to a point that I wanted to drive all them time while I had it, I offered people rides to places and even took pointless drives. 

The One Series isn't much to write home about in terms of styling but I really like what they did with the face-lift. The revised lights both at the front and back add real character to the car and gives it that more executive feel. With the M Sport Package, it really beefed the car up. The M front bumper with large air-intakes, blacked out kidney grille and the non-existence of fog lights really gave the car a menacing look. The side profile has had some tweaking with M135i badged into the side skirts of the doors, the rear which had a splitter in the back bumper with it blacked out at the bottom completed the devilish look of the car. Something different about this car is the day time running lights, normally with the BMW we're used to seeing the "angel lights" or halo around the main lights but with the One series, it's more of a tear drop at the bottom which I thought was quite cool.

Getting into the car, it seems like any other BMW, pretty much a standard setup with the added extra's of the M Sport package, that being lots of chrome, silver and sporty finishes, not forgetting the electronic racing seats. The M Sport steering wheel is probably my favourite steering wheel ever, if they can be such a thing. The look, the feel and the styling of it is just great. Being a sports model, you would expect the ride quality to be quite stiff and hard but it was quite the opposite, you cant tell the difference of the ride quality between this and a 318i.

Where do I begin? All you wan't to do with this car is give it horn's and its more than happy to reciprocate. Acceleration is phenomenal, 0-100Kph in 5 seconds and it just keeps climbing at the same pace, no slowing down until it reaches it's governed speed of 250Kph. Unfortunately unlike the German's autobahn one needs a private road or test track to achieve this as our national speed limit is 120Kph. The engine is the same one that get's fitting into all of the '35i badged cars, well now they're being re-badged as '40i. You won't get the most out of this car from day to day driving as it isn't as thrilling as taking it out on the open roads, which is why I did a trip to the Natal Midlands over the weekend. 

There's no ill I can speak about the car, it performs like a beast, handles like a dream, comfort of any other car in the BMW stable and it makes such a beautiful noise. Maybe there is one thing, but that would be a given,  it does tend to make you notice more than you would like. The fuel consumption, the booklet claims it to have a combined consumption of 8 liters per 100Km but realistically its more like 10.9, switch over into sports mode and the figure almost doubles, hence I said at the beginning to throw the booklet out. The estimated range on sports mode drops faster than the Rand when we change Finance Ministers. Is it worth it though? Hell yes! Every single rand to liter is worth it with this car.

The car came with pretty much most of the thing standard on the M Package but notable extras were the reverse camera with front and rear PDC, Satnav and larger display screen, lane departure warning which comes handy at high speeds, Xenon lights, Memory seats, Sunroof and light package.

This car gives you an andrenilin rush of note, it gets your blood pumping and awakens your soul. Yes it is small and not the most powerful engine from BMW but the complete package is simply mind blowing. The amount of joy it brings you from driving it is unbelievable and it will leave you with a stupid grin on your face every time you get out of the car. Compared to the other hot hatches it lines up against, it's not the fastest but I'd rate it the best in terms of what you're getting. It's not badly priced and the quality of the product is great. If I could afford one, I'd definitely have one in my garage. 

  • 3 litre, 6cylinder TwinPower Turbo
  • 8 Speed Sports Automatic Transmission
  • 240kW
  • 450Nm torque
  • Consumption: 8.0ltr/ 100km
  • Top Speed: 250kph
  • 0-100kph: 5.1 seconds 
  • Price: R572 000 (excluding extras)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bucket Scene: First Thursdays Durban

So many have been asking what's this all about? Well the concept comes from Cape Town where on the first Thursday of the month, they shut down a specific Street in town to traffic which is filled with bars and eateries for people mingle around and enjoy hopping around the various establishment, drinking, eating and partaking in the events planned for the night. 

Durban kicks off it's inaugural First Thursday tomorrow, the 4th of February, which sees the much popular Station Drive off Umgeni Rd partake in this. As per the program below, you can see that most of the popular hangouts on Station Drive will be participating in it as well as some other entertainment planned for Thursday night. It all starts at 5pm till late so make sure you get down to enjoy an evening of good food, good craft beer and good times otherwise you're going to be sitting at home witth FOMO..

Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Choon - Ultra Countdown: Goldfish ft. Julia Church - Heart Shaped Box

The countdown to Ultra South Africa 2016 continues and this weeks featured artist is none other than SA's very own Goldfish! The Cape Town based duo of Dominic Peters and David Poole have been playing at all the previous Ultra SA's as well as representing SA at Ultra Miami. Their unique style of electronic music incorporates both mixing and the playing of instruments live. It's very rare to see and the music speaks for itself. 

They've played the world over, including stints on the party island of Ibiza. For the summer period they have residency at Cape Town's popular hot spot Shimmy Beach, where they have their submerged Sunday Sessions. If you're in the Cape during the season, it is a must to attend as it's the ultimate party to end off the weekend but make sure you get your tickets in advanced as they sellout quickly! Today's featured track from them is their latest single featuring the vocals of Julia Church, it's a current favourite of mine and I'm sure you will love it too. 

Stay up to date with the latest information from Ultra SA, visit the website or follow them on their various social media streams.

Twtter: @ultrasa
Facebook: Ultra South Africa
Instagram: ultrasouthafrica

Youtube: UMF TV

Friday, January 29, 2016

Bucket Seat: BMW 320d & 318i

Late last year BMW released their face lift to their 3 Series, it was an important milestone for the company as it marked the 40th year of production for the popular sedan as explained in my review of the 320i. Although not much was revised in terms of styling of the cars, 90% of the range received brand new engines and of this I spoke very highly about the 320i, I fell in love with that over the 7 days I had it, it honestly seemed like the perfect fit for my life and driving style. This year however I was given two other variants that got me thinking and could eventually sway may decision.

I got a call in the second week of the year, the BMW 320d and 318i were both available for test, of course I said yes to both. On one had you got the intro level diesel engine and the other, the much talked about 1,5ltr engine that had everyone raving about. The 3 Series is BMW's money maker, it's the most sold in volume and iconic in it's very own right as it was for most part of it's 40 years the entry level range to the German Motor manufacturers stable, so it was good to see that the latest variant was living up to the values of its predecessors.

320d - First up, the 320d rolled in for a week, the colour, Jatoba Metallic which was a brownish, charcoal colour with a full creme interior that matched it to perfection. The car sporting the Luxury package with high gloss wood finishes, chrome edges and elegant  smoked 17" rims made it look like a proper luxury saloon. That's the thing with BMW, yes the optional extra list can go a bit but you can customise your car so well with it. Making your own unique and to your taste.

318i - In what was almost a spitting image of the 320d I had the week before, the 318i was almost exactly the same. The differences came with the rims and of course, single exhaust pipe as the diesel model had twin. The rims being the standard alloy colour didn't suit the colour as well as the smoked rims did, so that took me a while to get used to. Other than that, the car looked immaculate.

Going inside the car, the colour combinations of dark wood and creme leather and carpets was pleasing on the eye. The ride quality on the 320d and 318i were no different to that of the 320i I had last year. For a sedan aimed at the working class market, buyers of the car are getting premium finishes that one can also find in the 6 or 7 series. That's what I like about BMW, no matter the model, there is a consistency in quality that you won't find in other manufacturers. Same goes for ride quality, as it's unparalleled to its competitors but maintained throughout the range.


320d - the 2ltr 140kw diesel engine was impressive in terms of power and performance, plenty of torque with minimal turbo lag from the Twin Power turbo plant. Improved fuel economy which saw it's average consumption dropped to 4.0 ltr per 100km in ideal conditions, I managed 6.3ltr per 100km and I'm sure I could get it down to 5 if I drove it diligently but with all that torque, it would have seemed a waste to do so.

318i - While engine used in this car is shared with a Mini Cooper, don't be fooled by what it can do. Yes it is a bit sluggish on take off but it more than makes up for it when you on the road as it picks up paces quite quickly after passing 60kph. I was very impressed with the pulling power and the way it managed to carry the heavy body of the car even with a full load of passengers. I had the standard automatic gear box with this one and normally I do feel the ratio's and timings are poor with it but they seemed to have fixed that issue, so no unnecessary high revving and wasting fuel, which ultimately does wonders for its consumption.

320d - Honestly, driving both cars was a pleasure but with obvious reasoning the 320d did offer the better drive. It was more responsive on acceleration thanks to the torque, more faster but even though the engine has been refined, the sound is unmistakably diesel. It doesn't bother me at all but for many this hinders their choice in purchasing diesel. For me the cost savings speak for itself. Diesel is many places is cheaper than petrol and it doubles your range than what you would get in a petrol engine of the same capacity.

318i - While it did lack power at times, I can't fault the driving experience in the 318i. I was really impressed by by this car. As said before, the engine is more than capable to haul this big sedan around with ease and without using more fuel which is an added bonus. I was told that due to the coastal conditions that this car will perform even better than it would in higher altitude, so you have to take that into consideration as well. 

Both cars came loaded with the best that the 3 series range had to offer, the lighting package really makes the car look stunning at night with welcome lights below the door handles. The camera package is becoming more and more essential to my needs with the car, not that it makes you lazy when it comes to parking but it provides you with a view of things you wouldn't normally see from your mirrors. If you want to be lazy you can always opt for the park assist feature which firstly scans for an appropriate parking spot then parks your car for you! Other extra's included the Harman Kardon hifi sound system with stereo 7 logic and one extra which I love, the adaptive LED headlights. 

Overall after driving both engines, I can't say which one is better as they both have that charm about them and of course their use for a driver. the 318i is perfect for your daily run around, whether its to work or picking up the kids from school and running errands whilst the 320d is great for that was well but on long distance travels it really shows it's class with great speed and even better fuel consumption. If I had to choose, it would be the 320d, it suits my driving style and lifestyle. It's a cruise but packs that punch should you want to open it up a bit every now and then. 


1.5 Twin Power Turbo
2.0 Twin Power Turbo
Gear box
8 Speed Automatic Steptronic
8 Speed Automatic Sports Steptronic
Fuel consumption
5.1l per 100km
4.0l per 100km
Top Speed
8.9 seconds
7.3 seconds
R464 100
R519 200

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Nicki Minaj - Live at Moses Mabhida

As you all must have heard by now, 5FM in conjunction with Metro FM are bringing the multi award winning Nicki Minaj to South Africa, and Durban has made the cut for a show! The Queen of Hip Hop will be gracing our shores in March and will be performing LIVE at Moses Mabhida Stadium on the 20th of March 2016. Tickets go on sale from 9am tomorrow morning on TicketPro

For more information, stay tuned to 5FM and Metro FM, also follow their various social media streams for updates on ticket sales and event information.

Dates of the shows and venues:

  • 17th March, Johannesburg - Ticket Pro Dome
  • 20th March, Durban - Moses Mabhida Stadium
  • 22nd March, Cape Town - Grand West Arena

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Monday Choon - Ultra Coundown: W&W & Armin van Buuren - If It Ain't Dutch

Wilem and Ward, the Dutch Electro House DJ's are coming back to SA, when they first toured with the first Ultra South Africa, they were not that well known with most of the Ultranauts but they sure won over the crowd with their hard style, fast paced electro style music. They've always been a favourite of mine and particular enjoyed their sets in the ASOT festivals around the world. 

They've been doing well with their podcasts, Mainstage and they have built up a large following all over the world. This weeks featured track has them featured with Dutch DJ legend Armin van Buuren. Keeping with their Dutch heritage, they song is appropriately named, "If it ain't Dutch" and has been quite popular of recent. The track has a lot of influence by the duo with the master, Armin adding his expert signature style to round it off. 


Stay up to date with the latest information from Ultra SA, visit the website or follow them on their various social media streams.

Twtter: @ultrasa
Facebook: Ultra South Africa
Instagram: ultrasouthafrica
Youtube: UMF TV

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The J&B Met with Flipside

If you're looking at attending the hottest calendar event in Cape Towns social scene, that is the J&B Met this year, then theres no other place to go to than the Lifestyle Village in the race course's inner field hosted by Flipside events. Them along with MegaPro and Chattels are hosting the ever popular lifestyle village, the organisers are said to have made it bigger and better than before ensuring that your day at the races is a great one.

The artist line up that will be performing live during the day features the likes of Anthea Scholtz, Thank Me Later, Chris de Vos from Sexy Groovy Love, Ryan Murgatroyd, Strange Loving, Tomorrows Will and Brett Aitken.

The venue will have two fully stocked bars, a food court area with food trucks to satisfy any a palate, a cocktail and lounge area to chill at, for when your feet need a rest from all that dancing or to just sit back and sip on some bubbly. There will be TV's and viewing points for the races and also tote facillities so you can try your luck on some of the horses, who knows, it could be your lucky day!

As always with the Met, there is a dress code for you to follow, this years theme is "A Rare Blend", so get those creative juices flowing as this is the ideal opportunity to express your individuality ad creativity at one of the countries biggest social events.

Once the sun goes down, it's time for the after party and the same people that brought you the Lifestyle Village are also responsible for the Office J&B Met After Party. If you thought the days entertainment looked good, wait till you see what's in store for the evening. It's no doubt going to be the after party to be at.

Performing on the mainstage at the after party include Dean FUEL ft. George Sax, Timo ODV, Goodluck, DJ Mixi, Pascal & Pearce and Niskerone to name a few. With a line up like that, featuring some of the hottests acts in SA, it will be an after party thats pretty hard to beat. The venue will include two fully stocked bars, food outlets, a massie dance floor and the entire venue is highly secured, ensuring you have a fun and safe night out.

Tickets for both, the Lifestyle Fest and the After Party are available at Computicket, and are selling from R495 for the full day and night pass that includes all of the above, all day long and well into the after party, or R250 for just the after party. Tickets include 3 free whiskys plus mixers per person

For more info, visit their Flipside Event's Page on Facebook

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bucket Seat: BMW 7 Series - First Impressions

This past Friday I was invited to the dealer launch of the new G11 and G12 models from BMW, also know as the new 7 Series at BMW Supertech. It issues a new line of luxury from the German manufacturer as this is their flagship range, competing with the best on the market. The event which took place at BMW Supertech's showroom in Durban was a glitzy affair, the theme being black tie, and a guest list of their most valuble clients and prostective buyers, everyone was dressed to impress. 

Upon arrival, guests were chauffeur driven from the parking area to the main entrance, where they were greeted by members of the dealership. Coffee and light refreshments were served in the showroom whilst we waited for everyone on to arrive, giving people the chance to see some of the stunning cars on display, most popular being the BMW i8 and the note worthy dedicated M display. Once everyone was present it was time to get formalities under way. 

Speakers for the night included BMW Supertech Brand Ambassodor, Jayaloshni Naidoo, Director Shabir Tayob and Customer relations and marketing manager, Yusuf Mooolla. Supertech has a long illustrious reputation and to date is one of the biggest BMW dealerships in South Africa and the only one that has managed to achieve a 4 star as built Greenstar rating, awarded to it by the GBCSA. It shows that they also very environmentally conscious and aiding a green future. 

Much was said about the new 7 series during the speeches, the thing that gets your attention the most about this car is the technology that BMW have managed to put into the car. The key for example, has an LCD screen which displays vital information about the car, like it's fuel range, tyre pressure, preconditioning controls and can also control the car! Yes, you can start and move the car with the remote, this feature was introduced mostly for tight parking spots, where the driver could get out of the car and still manage to park it just by using the remote. I know, it might be worrying for some as you fear you might hit something but with the cars park distance sensors, it would be able to stop the car if there were any obstacles that you cannot see. 

After enjoying our delicious starters it was finally time to see the new 7 Series in the metal, well carbon fiber. Yes the body of the car is made up of light weight, extra strength special weave of carbon fiber. This aiding the car to be more aerodynamic and fuel efficient. A grand entrance of laser lights and smoke greeted the 7 Series as it made its way to the center of the room for the audience to get a first glimpse at this magnificent vehicle. Having seen it in pictures before, did no justice to the car, it is simply stunning in every angle you look at. Yes, whilst I must admit the design isn't that much different from it's predecessor, it's the subtle changes to the design that make it stand out. 

Moving onto the inside, it's almost like being in a car of the future, with a large touch screen display, digital instrument cluster and handcrafted leather steering wheel, it certainly does give a new meaning to quality and comfort. The new i Drive and Connected drive interface now also makes use of hand gestures so one does not have to manually operate the dial, simple hand movements can change the radio station, increase the fan speed on the airconditioning or answer a telephone call. The 7 Series aircon also includes an air ionizer, which purifies the air eleminates any nasty odour that may enter the cabin. 

Moving to the back, perspective buyers of the car can opt for the limo set up with entertainment package for the back passengers, this includes a removable tablet that controls their climate control aircon as well as two large LCD screens that are mounted onto the front seats. There are options for seat heating and cooling as well as massaging for when you've had a long day. 

Overall first impressions of this car is nothing short of amazing, I'm blown away by the technology that BMW have included in this car and the things that come standard in most models is such a bonus. I've yet to drive it but from what I've seen so far I am seriously impressed, it's certainly a car that exudes class, sophistication and luxury into one. Certainly one to make their competitors ponder on.

For more informtation on BMW Supertech, visit their website or social media streams:
Twitter: @SupertechDurban
Facebook: SupertechDurban

Or visit them at 8 Cliff Cresent (Off Edwinswales), Rossburgh.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Monday Choon - Ultra Countdown: Fedde le Grand - Don't Give Up

Fedde le Grand is no stranger to the Ultra Music Festival, he has been a regular at Miami and Europe for a while now and even the song "Sparks" in which he and Nicky Romero collaborated on, was shot entirely at the festival in Miami. 

This will be the Dutch DJ's first visit to South African shores as he makes up part of the headliners at Ultra SA 2016. Fedde's popularity grew after his hit single, "Put your hands up for Detroit" hit number when it was released, this weeks featured song I chose from his work in 2014. It's still one of my favourites and was also used in the Miami Ultra after movie for that year. Here is Fedde with "Dont Give Up".