Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Who has the power?

It's not often I sit down and write opinionated posts but after seeing things being said on Twitter over the past few months which made my brain quiver at some of the comments, I felt the need write this. Twitter is a great social platform for people to use but I feel some use it as an outlet to just to complain, sometimes I feel like I'm reading the comments section on the News24 website. Yes there is validation to some topics but people chose to ignore the logic behind certain things and just bitch and moan, mostly it is because many others are doing it, so they tend to think its "the cool thing to do". 

Whats got me all hot and bothered is the current Load Shedding taking place around the country but its not the actual power cuts that has me annoyed, it is the reaction from the public. If you guys didn't know, Eskom is having a MAJOR power crisis. The grid is taking massive strain and it hasn't been from now but for a good few years. They've managed the problem for a few years but with growing pressure on the grid and on going development they just cannot manage anymore and hence load shedding has been brought back into our lives. 

Now I'm not saying people don't have the right to complain, of course they do! They pay for the service so they should damn well expect it! The fickle nature of some tends to irritate me though, load shedding is announced and they're up in arms over it, swearing Eskom, swearing the government, swearing the coal for being wet, etc. Then AB deVilliers comes along, smashes a 100, Bafana win a game, Kim K releases a book of selfies and all is forgotten, then Eskom announce again that stage 1 load shedding is back, cue the outrage as if they never expected it in the first place. Lets understand one thing now, this problem is going to go on not for the next few months, nor the next few years but rather the next 5-10 years! So the milk has already been spilt, stop blody crying over it, there is no quick fix to it either, no matter how much money you throw at it, things take time to build and if you rush it, you're bound to fuck it up.

Many like to pin point and finger the current government for this but the reality is that the problem started a long time back, when the new government came into power, yes, sadly even our beloved Nelson Mandela has a blame in this whole matter, then minister of Minerals and Energy Penual Maduna would have been briefed on the countries energy situation which at the time was fine and had surplus but given that there was keen interest in the country from outside investment, it was always foreseen that South Africa would have an economic boom with the destruction of apartheid. We were a young country, rich in minerals and resources, ready to take on the world, and take on the world we did! Sadly not much attention was paid to our aging power grid, yes they were some new ventures taken such as the Lesotho Highlands project which produces a great deal of hydro power but there was nothing substantial to supply the country. At the same time, Eskom never performed maintenance on any of the running coal fired power stations. 

If one has a car, you have to send it for a service at regular intervals yes? Well same applies to power stations but hardly any was done. Like all mechanical things, they only span a certain number of years and with most of ours, we're pushing the limits, hence we're feeling the crunch now. Eskom detected this problem too late and hence began the rush to build 2 new coal fired power stations , namely Kusile and Medupi, let's not get into that mess. Why coal fire though? It's an old technology and there are cleaner methods to produce power now? Yes they embarked on greener ways to generate power such as the wind farms in the Western Cape and the Hydro schemes in Drakensberg and Ladysmith  but those aren't nearly adequate to supply the countries growing power needs and solar is juar far too expensive and not viable. 

Realistically the only answer to the problem now is nuclear, yes I know, "OOOO radiation, Chernobyl, mutants, toxic waste, blah blah." Do me a favour, before you complain, go do some fucking research, you have time to bitch and moan on twitter, open up Google and search nuclear energy. Not only is it the most efficient way of producing power but also the cleanest, the waste and deposits are minimal and its much safer than people make it out to be. The last disaster recorded from a nuclear reactor was Fukushima which in all honesty was due to unforeseen circumstances, it was something unpredictable but lessons were learnt in the process. If you need further proof that Nuclear is the answer, lets take a look at Europe, it's a nice place in which people like to frequent, lets take a look at a city, ah Paris, the city of love... did you know the primary source of electricity in Paris is from  nuclear power?

France's nuclear history dates back to the 1890's with Pierre and Marie Curie but the roll out on nuclear power came about in 1973 during the oil crisis when the "Messmer Plan" was unveiled. It started what has now become one of the biggest nuclear programs in Europe, so much so France produces excess power which they sell to "nuclear free countries" like Switzerland and Norway. There are lessons we can learn from France, set up these reactors distances from civilization, also added layers of protection to prevent another Fukushima from happening. So yes, like humans, nuclear power is evolving too. Also another interesting fact, did you know most war ships, aircraft carriers and submarines run on a nuclear reactor? They could sail the world non stop for 3 years without stopping! 

South Africa is no stranger to nuclear power either, the previous government are seen as the enemy because of apartheid but to see what they've achieved after being shunned by the world is sometimes jaw dropping. Pelindaba which is now closed was our main Nuclear Research Centre, they developed Atom bombs that made the mighty USA shit them self and saw them threaten the government with war if we didn't stop the program and tests off the coast of Namibia. They made strides into the technology and from that saw Koeberg being built and commissioned by 1984. It is till now the only functional nuclear power station on the African continent and still ranks as one of the safest ever built in the world, besides minor nuts and bolts that go into the reactor due to human negligence.

So we're no stranger to this sort of thing, but then came outrage over the alleged deal Zuma signed with Putin with regards to the construction of multiple nuclear plants in SA. Whats the issue? Have you people not heard of BRICS? Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, 5 of the worlds current fastest growing economies, yes South Africa is quite far behind the others but we're in there with the big dogs, we're all relatively young and we have the opportunity to share and help each other. South Africa has large quantities of uranium which is needed to power nuclear power stations, Russia has the experience in building them. A trade for their knowledge and our minerals seem fair but no, the self proclaimed justice league says otherwise but the same morons air their unsatisfaction when they don't have electricity to charge their phones or watch TV. 

It's quite ironic on the whole, they are against the solution but are angered by the situation. Like I said from the beginning, Load Shedding is hear to stay, I'm not saying everyday, every week and every year but for the next 5 - 10 years, just be prepared, even if Medupi and Kusile go live, the existing stations might have to be shutdown due to the lack of maintenance. Besides the fact that we recommissioned power stations that have been mothballed and are running over than their life expectancy, those even prove to be a hazard to the communities around them. So I appeal to everyone, yes its utter bullshit what we as a country are being put through but sadly it's one of those things, we're lucky we are informed of such things. Countries like India, Pakistan and other African countries have random unannounced power cuts for 6 hours or longer! We just have to somehow get through this, swearing, bitching, moaning won't help, it might help reduce stress levels but don't follow the herd and do it for the sake of doing it. Study your load shedding time tables, make sure you are prepared for them and find things to do during these times. Lets be civilised about the matter going forward okay?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Choon: Gorgon City - Go All Night ft. Jennifer Hudson

With just under 18 days till Ultra 2015, we take a look at another international headliner that is going to be gracing our shores and sending the crowds into a sense of ecstasy with their unique style electronic beats and bass lines which brings a mixture of house and trap music. Gorgon City have been on the scene for a while now but have gained global recognition over the past year, mainly through their hit track "used to be real". The British duo out of North London have followed up with that success by releasing other hits with collaborations with some big named artist. Today's featured track is one of them, it has the vocals of Jennifer Hudson and turning out to be another chart success. You can hear this song and many others from Gorgon City live at Ultra SA on the Electric Music Stage. 



Twitter: @UltraSA
February 13th, Cape Town
February 14th, Johnnesburg
For tickets and pacakages, check the office website:

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bucket Seat: BMW 1 Series

After selling over 2 million units world wide in just under 10 years, BMW have released the latest update to their 1 series line up. The new model sees it adopt the same design philosophy as it's bigger X brothers with sharper, straighter lines, edgy twin kidney grille and redesigned tail lights which in my opinion suit the car a lot more!

There also is a revised engine line up which BMW claim set new benchmarks in efficiency. Leading the pack in that department is the all new 116d Efficient Dynamics Edition with 85kW/ 116bhp and average fuel consumption of 3.4 litres/ 100km. C02 emissions test cycle was recorded at 89h/km. There is a host of engines to choose from including a variety of diesel ones, ranging from the 116d EfficientDynamics to the 125d which sounds very exciting!

All engines are TwinTurbo powered with the petrol ones have TwinScroll Tubro engines whilst the diesel engines having turbo charger with variable turbine geometry. They're available in 6 speed manual or 8 speed steptronic transmission. Not sure what that means exactly but we'll soon find out. No word on pricing as yet, it should surface before the official local launch which I presume will be in the next two months. 

The interior seems pretty standard from what we come to expect from BMW, nothing to really shout about but everything seems to be neat and tidy, looks pretty comfy as well. Not sure if room in the back has increased but it wasn't to bad in the older model. 

Overall the 1 Series update seems very promising, it's almost like a grown  up, mature and sophisticated version of the old one. The range of engine types is welcoming and also gives you an insight into what BMW could be planning for other model ranges. 316d anyone?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bucket Scene: Eora - Kitchen & Bar

Like I said from the start, this segment is to discover new places that are a step away from the norm, we're so used to our usual places we go to that we forget the fun in exploring and trying out new places. A couple weeks back my mates wanted to go out for a quiet dinner and drink, instead of opting for our usual hangout I suggested we try Eora, a new Mediterranean restaurant that opened up in Umhlanga that was getting raving reviews from people who have tried it. I followed them on instagram, had a look at what to offer and it was a done deal. Everything looked good on pictures so it was time to see if the food tasted as good as it looked.

Located at 190 Ridge Road in Umhlanga Rocks, the venue is located conveniently at the entrance of the village area with ample street parking and paid parking available at the centre across the road. We were greeted by our hostess and seated upon arrival. The decor is quite cool and I like the fact they have posters of old South African products that served as the art. Being a bar as well, they serve a host of drinks abd cocktails, the craft beer however is limited to local KZN brewers, so there isn't much variety but at the same time, it's nice to see them promoting the local guys and giving them exposure as they're normally outshone by Cape Town or German brewers. 

While enjoying our local beers we ordered a few of the starters to munch on, they have a good range of starters catering for every ones taste buds. We opted for the crispy calamari and satay chicken, both of which were awesome. The calamari as the name suggested was crispy, coated in a light tempura style batter and fried till crisp, served with a harissa mayo that just  made the taste buds tingle, it was also quite a healthy serving as they don't feel shy to load the bowl. The chicken satay was perfect, the chicken was well spiced and cooked just right, moist and full of flavour. What I liked about the starters is that you can also choose to have them as tapas which is bigger in size. So if you're looking to go out and have some snacks instead of full meals, this is now an option. 

Tapas/ Starters selection
Onto the mains, there are mains to choose of the menu and they have weekly specials written on a chalk board above the entrance. Being a lover of lamb I was sold on the lamb burger that was offered on the menu. Others at the table ordered the Hake and Chips, Steak with mushroom sauce and Sword Fish with prawns. 

Lamb burger
My burger looked great and just like the pictures had me salivating just by looked at it. Organic lamb patty with melted mozzarella topped with tomato relish, served on a toasted bun with sweet potato fries on the side. I like to eat my burgers the way its meant to be eaten, with both hands but due to the size of the patty and the bun being a tad bit too crispy, I couldn't force my mouth open that wide, yes its that big of a burger! I opted to use the utensils instead, the patty for me was a bit dry, but the relish sort of made up for it in a way, the bun as said was a tad bit crispy as well, which made it a bit tricky to eat. 

Hake and chips
My mates on the other hand enjoyed their meals, fish and chips which to be honest is very hard to screw up was great but he felt the chips were a bit oily but its chips... that's the best way to have it. The other enjoyed his steak, cooked well and very tasty. The swordfish was done to perfection, had great flavour and prawns were great too, his only gripe was that the portion was too small as he was still a bit peckish after the meal, I guess that's why they have dessert on the menu but his form of dessert was another craft beer. 

Swordfish and prawn
On the whole, my dinning experience was great, yes my burger wasn't what I expected it to be but everyone else that's had it loved it so it could just be me. Never the less we had an awesome time and the service was top notch. There's loads of things on the menu that I still want to try, including a tapas evening so I will definitely pay them more visits in the future. They also serve breakfast daily from 7am till 11:30am.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Monday Choon: Martin Garrix feat. Moti - Virus (KSHMR Remix)

With just about 24 days to Ultra SA 2015, we starting our official countdown to the festival with our artist feature Monday Choon segment. We kick off with the young sensation that's taken the world by storm, Martin in the space of 2 years has catapulted himself as a person in the crowd at UMF Miami to one of the worlds biggest DJ's at the moment. He is a success story of note and with him continuing to produce hit after hit, things can only get better for him. I know we already have featured his latest single with Moti previously but this week I thought share the KSHMR Remix. It's wonderfully worked and really gives the track a different sound to it. Catch Martin and a host other headliner international acts at Ultra SA on the 13th and 14th of February, for more info on Ultra SA see below.


Twitter: @UltraSA
February 13th, Cape Town
February 14th, Johnnesburg
For tickets and pacakages, check the office website:

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bucket Babe: Christina Rodokanakis

We're already 16 days down in the new year and many of us are back in the swing of things with our lives... unless you're a politician and in that case it's still Christmas. As per usual,  here on the Bucket we bring you the latest news, wicked wheels and freshest beats but we also showcase the most gorgeous woman South Africa has to offer. Over the years we've done that and in 2015 it is no different, we will search all over this beautiful land we call our country to find and interview the hottest ladies and bring right here to you on the Bucket Babe. 

Christina Rodokanakis

Although todays featured model was born in the UK, her heart is firmly set in SA and she's been up to some amazing things. We first took notice of Christna when were asked to makee a selection for our top models in the SA Swimsuit competition last year, later on we found out that her talent for looking drop dead gorgeous in front of the camera wasn't her only one as she is an avid Singer. She performs in most of Joburgs trendiest night clubs as she performs covers for the latest house and dance anthems. So be on the lookout for her name the next time you want to go out on the night to party in Jozi.  

Twitter: @CTinaR
Instagram: christinarodo
Youtube: Christina Rodo


1. Hot girls and hot cars go hand in hand, what ride would you like to see yourself in?
  • Well, when I was younger I stole my brothers poster of a yellow Lamborghini Diablo and stuck it on my bedroom door.
2. What sandwich are you most likely to make for me? and will it be toasted or plain?
  • After being slightly offended by your request, I'd take my shoes off to enter the kitchen and make you a toasted cheese ;)
3. Everyone loves popcorn (well I think they do) what is your topping/ sprinkle of choice?
  • Salt! Plain old salt.
4. understand that you're also quite a good singer, which genre in particular do you sing?
  • I perform regularly in the Jozi night clubs, Taboo, The VIP Room, Kong, to name a few. So I perform all the dance/ house songs.
5. What type of music gets your booty shaking?
  • I go mental for anything old school. Old school UK Garage like Artful Dodger, old school house. Albums like Head Kandi or Ministry of Sound Anthems. Doesn't get better than that.
6. If given a choice, full time model or full time singer, what would you choose?
  • I would take singer as modelling would come with it. Best of both.
7. Anyone holding that hand yet? or is it available?
  • I am in a relationship and sometimes he even holds both hands.
8. Growing up you must have had someone you aspired to be, so who is your role model?
  • Nowadays we grow up with information overload, stories of people who have come out on top despite all the odds, do-gooders, etc. I tend to hear different stories from different people and take what I can from each person, so I wouldn't say one person in particular.
9. As South Africans, we love our sports, whats your favourite one to watch?
  • I do like rugby, but I was born in the UK and have three brothers, soccer is a biggy..
10. Which city is your dream party destination?
  • If anyone doesn't answer with "Ibiza" there's something wrong with them.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ultra 2015: Full Line Up!

After phase one of the artist line up was released, we knew Ultra 2015 was going to be a big one! But this morning organizers dropped the bombshell on the full line up in store for Ultra goers! South Africa really are getting spoilt with some of the best that EDM has to offer, the names speak for themselves and Ultra have outdone them self yet again this year!

In addition to the big name headliners, this morning Ultra have announced that 3 more international headliners to join the stella line up. DVBBS out of Canada were behind the hit track Tsunami, Gorgon City who needs no introduction to SA audiences as their single "Use to be real" was a firm ffavoritewith many and the last DJ to complete Phase 2 headliners, is Oliver Heldens out of Netherlands. Just like his fellow countryman Martin Garrix, Oliver is one of the top youngsters on the circuit and at just age 19 he's sure to have the crowds jumping.

There additional local artists added to the event, for the full line up and stage info, visit the official Ultra website. With this awesome line up, you wouldn't want to be the one missing out on Ultra 2015! So if you haven't already, get your tickets now!

More Info:

Twitter: @UltraSA

Ticket Info:

Cape Town
Early Bird General: R750 (SOLD OUT)
Early Bird VIP: R1000 (SOLD OUT)
Advance Price General: R850
Advance Price VIP: R1,250
Full Sale Price General: R950
Full Sale Price VIP: R1,500
Early Bird General: R750 (SOLD OUT)
Early Bird VIP: R1,250 (SOLD OUT)
Advance Price General: R850
Advance Price VIP: R1,500
Full Sale Price General: R950
Full Sale Price VIP: R1,750
Early Bird VVIP: R3,000 (SOLD OUT)
Advance Price VVIP: R3,500

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Monday Choon: Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding - Outside

They're probably Britain's hottest duo at the moment in terms of music collaboration, there's also been wide speculation that the two may have been in a relationship which was quickly rubbished by both of them but we don't really care about the gossip, we're interested in the music they're making! Both Calvin and Ellie are at the height of their game, where they're producing and making some exceptional work and have a good showing for it. Calvin is currently the worlds highest paid DJ and Ellie is touring with sellout shows. Their previous hit song "I need your love" was a simple indication into what this working relationship was capable of, Outside is today's featured track and seems to be doing also pretty well worldwide. 


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bucket Scene: Afros Chicken Shop

The festive season is over and while many have given up eating and started their 1 month new year gym resolutions to lose those extra kilo's they put on, for others like us there's always reason to have a good chow. Today's featured place is like no other, why I say that? Well to start off with, they're based in a yellow container on the beach, secondly their menu has like five items of food on it and it's the kiffest spot for a chow any time while the sun shines. 

It took me a while to get down to Afros and sample the goodness and I was left disappointed, disappointed that I never made the effort to go sooner! Yes they just have 5 food items on the menu, of that 5, just 3 being mains but the importnant thing is, they make it sooo good! Now realistically speaking, it's not hard to cock up a grilled chicken burger yes? But many of our takeaway chains do! Either you'll get a dry, chewy fillet, or a bun thats 5 weeks old which just disintigrates as you pick it up or they won't put enough sauce in the burger. 

Now since my first visit to Afros, I've been back at least 5 or 6 times and each and every time they hit the nail on the head. Grilled chicken fillet to perfection, not over done, not under done. Moist, juicy with just the right amount of peri peri sauce, all of this put into a fresh portoguese roll, which I must admit is a rather good size, with some mayo, lettuce and tomato. If you're banting, not to worry, they serve that awesome chicken fillet with a sauce of your choice (peri peri/ lemon and herb) as strips. Sides include crispy had cut chips... or as they call it "tjips" or coleslaw. I go for the tjips all the time, there's just something about it.

If you're there for breakfast, they make a mean bacon and egg roll that goes well with a hot cup of coffee or cappuccino.  They have adequate shaded bench style seating, water bowls for your doggy's and also a shower if required, after your surf or swim. Speaking of which, they also look after your keys should you wish to catch a wave or two. If you follow them on twitter or instagram, the guys also give you updates on the mornings surf conditions. 

If going down to the beach isn't your cup of tea for some reason, or you at work and you got the cravings for Afros but you can't get down there,  you'll be please to know that Afros have no opened their first store. Located on 33 Churchill Road in Morningside, just off Umgeni Road, yes I've been here too, so thats 7 times then... same great quality only thing in a shop. So next time you want a good chicken burger, you know where to head down to!

Menu: click to enlarge

Twitter: @afroschickendbn
Instagram: afroschicken