Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bucket Seat: BMW 7 Series - First Impressions

This past Friday I was invited to the dealer launch of the new G11 and G12 models from BMW, also know as the new 7 Series at BMW Supertech. It issues a new line of luxury from the German manufacturer as this is their flagship range, competing with the best on the market. The event which took place at BMW Supertech's showroom in Durban was a glitzy affair, the theme being black tie, and a guest list of their most valuble clients and prostective buyers, everyone was dressed to impress. 

Upon arrival, guests were chauffeur driven from the parking area to the main entrance, where they were greeted by members of the dealership. Coffee and light refreshments were served in the showroom whilst we waited for everyone on to arrive, giving people the chance to see some of the stunning cars on display, most popular being the BMW i8 and the note worthy dedicated M display. Once everyone was present it was time to get formalities under way. 

Speakers for the night included BMW Supertech Brand Ambassodor, Jayaloshni Naidoo, Director Shabir Tayob and Customer relations and marketing manager, Yusuf Mooolla. Supertech has a long illustrious reputation and to date is one of the biggest BMW dealerships in South Africa and the only one that has managed to achieve a 4 star as built Greenstar rating, awarded to it by the GBCSA. It shows that they also very environmentally conscious and aiding a green future. 

Much was said about the new 7 series during the speeches, the thing that gets your attention the most about this car is the technology that BMW have managed to put into the car. The key for example, has an LCD screen which displays vital information about the car, like it's fuel range, tyre pressure, preconditioning controls and can also control the car! Yes, you can start and move the car with the remote, this feature was introduced mostly for tight parking spots, where the driver could get out of the car and still manage to park it just by using the remote. I know, it might be worrying for some as you fear you might hit something but with the cars park distance sensors, it would be able to stop the car if there were any obstacles that you cannot see. 

After enjoying our delicious starters it was finally time to see the new 7 Series in the metal, well carbon fiber. Yes the body of the car is made up of light weight, extra strength special weave of carbon fiber. This aiding the car to be more aerodynamic and fuel efficient. A grand entrance of laser lights and smoke greeted the 7 Series as it made its way to the center of the room for the audience to get a first glimpse at this magnificent vehicle. Having seen it in pictures before, did no justice to the car, it is simply stunning in every angle you look at. Yes, whilst I must admit the design isn't that much different from it's predecessor, it's the subtle changes to the design that make it stand out. 

Moving onto the inside, it's almost like being in a car of the future, with a large touch screen display, digital instrument cluster and handcrafted leather steering wheel, it certainly does give a new meaning to quality and comfort. The new i Drive and Connected drive interface now also makes use of hand gestures so one does not have to manually operate the dial, simple hand movements can change the radio station, increase the fan speed on the airconditioning or answer a telephone call. The 7 Series aircon also includes an air ionizer, which purifies the air eleminates any nasty odour that may enter the cabin. 

Moving to the back, perspective buyers of the car can opt for the limo set up with entertainment package for the back passengers, this includes a removable tablet that controls their climate control aircon as well as two large LCD screens that are mounted onto the front seats. There are options for seat heating and cooling as well as massaging for when you've had a long day. 

Overall first impressions of this car is nothing short of amazing, I'm blown away by the technology that BMW have included in this car and the things that come standard in most models is such a bonus. I've yet to drive it but from what I've seen so far I am seriously impressed, it's certainly a car that exudes class, sophistication and luxury into one. Certainly one to make their competitors ponder on.

For more informtation on BMW Supertech, visit their website or social media streams:
Twitter: @SupertechDurban
Facebook: SupertechDurban

Or visit them at 8 Cliff Cresent (Off Edwinswales), Rossburgh.

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