Thursday, December 7, 2017

Entertainer Durban 2018

I first heard about the Entertainer a while back from a mate of mine, it was this book of coupons that you could use at restaurants and get a buy one, get one free deal on some of the meals. At the time it didn't really seem worth it to me and also the book was kinda big. As with all things, technology tends to take over and with the Entertainer that just made things for it a whole lot better with the app! Now with vouchers at the touch of a button...or screen, it's simple enough to score on these great deals at any time given. The first time I really used the Entertainer was while I was in Dubai on holiday, with our Rand not being the best currency to travel with, eating out did work out to be quite heavy on the pockets, but with the Entertainer we scored big time and saved a lot! 

The second time I've experienced saving with the Entertainer was in Cape Town last year, a friend of mine has the app and whichever restaurant we ate at, she found it on the app and just like that, half the bill was taken cared off. Now with something like this that can save you so much of money, it's almost a no brainer if you a person like me that tends to eat out at least 3 to 4 times a week. 

Last night saw the Durban 2018 launch of the Entertainer app, and with the launch brought some new surprises, with the introduction of fashion and beauty discounts as well as pet grooming and beverages! Along with this, there is also discounts on Hotel bookings, worldwide! while you purchase the app per location, you can select any hotel in the world to book at. Celebrating the Durban 2018 launch, you can now get the Entertainer app at the reduced price of just R295! That amount is minimal compared to the possiblity of saving 100s and 1000s of rands. It really is a great investment to make and a sure way to experience new places and enjoying what the city has to offer all while saving cash at the same time.

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