Thursday, June 7, 2018

Bucket Scene: Pop-Up Society

A few weeks ago we were invited to the new visual menu launch of Pop-Up Society in Glenwood. For those who are unfamiliar with the restaurant, you clearly don't have social media, as their milkshakes were the most instagrammed milkshake in South Africa! Having been open for just under 2 years now, head chef and co-owner Rev Batohi decided it was time to change things up and hence the new menu. I don't really venture out to Glenwood much and once I got to Helen Joseph Road, I wondered why? The place was buzzing! It took me quite a while to find parking. Most of the eateries were quite full with patrons, the area had a great vibe and a nice mixture of eateries and bars for everyone.  

Pop-Up Society has this "cool kid on the block" vibe going for it though, with it's funky colours and contemporary style, it does stand out from the rest. It has a lovely large outside deck as well as place inside the renovated house for seating, in total it can sit 120 patrons. It also has a full serviced bar if you just want to pop in for a drink. 

The theme for the evening was a visual menu and the setup for the media was just that, a visual feast with menu's put up to see just exactly what we were munching on, Chef Rev made the meals in bite sized servings so we could taste a bit of everything, and get a sense of what he had in mind with this new menu. So many times we go to restaurants, read the menu but don't really have an idea what we getting on the plate, with Pop-Up Society you won't have that problem. They try to keep most ingredients as fresh and organic as possible, and that transcends into the flavours you get from their food. 

Some of my favourites from the night were the chicken wings and the asian style riblets, full of flavour and have me licking my fingers. As you can tell I am a big fan of finger foods to this menu was right up my alley. The burger menu looked great and while I'm not a beef eater, I was very glad to see a lamb burger on there. I tried the lamb kofta which was given as a taster, and it was also great, tender, spiced well and can only imagine how good it would be in a bun. Guess I have to come back to see for myself. 

While the new menu is great, fan favourites from the old menu still remained, like the death by chocolate milkshake, another must have from Pop-Up Society I'm told by many. It probably was the reason their Freakshakes were made so famous, Chef Rev makes his own chocolate ganache which he adds to the "craze shake". Apart from just meals for one, Pop-Up Society also offer platters to share, which needs a pre-order but the variety offered is great. Overall, this place really stands out with its food, giving it a gourmet take on fast food. We will be back to try more from the menu, especially that milkshake!


Pop-Up Society
Address: 132 Helen Jospeh Road, Glenwood
Reservations: 031 201 5566
Facebook: durbanpopupsociety
Instagram: popupsociety

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