Thursday, October 27, 2011

Will I see an angel again?

So every morning its the same story for me, get up, brush my teeth, hit the shower, spray some AXE and an Angel falls through my roof. Yesterday though, after I sprayed, nothing happened. Sure my insurance company would be happy they didn't have another claim from me but why was there no angel???

I dug a bit deeper to try and find out why no heavenly body greeted me that morning and to much surprised I learnt that the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) have decided to ban the advert due to a complaint of it being offensive to certain religious groups. Err...seriously? I mean, they're angels just seeking the heavenly scent of AXE, its not like they're burning religious scriptures. Anyway, decision has been made and the advert pulled from our screens hence the angels are very unhappy and very sorry for what has happened. If you never seen the advert before, firstly were you under a rock or something??? Secondly, here go:

Axe them self have released and official apology for this, and it goes a little something like this:

27 October 2011

AXE Apology For "Fallen Angels" Advert

On the 26th October, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) passed a ruling upholding a consumer complaint against our latest TV advert and ordered the commercial pulled from the air. The advert, showing Angels succumbing to the seductive smell of our new fragrance, AXE Excite, and falling to earth to pursue the great smelling AXE Man, was part of a global campaign and has been received with great enthusiasm around the world. The Angels have made quite an impact in South Africa, and popular news, content and social media portals were quick to report on the ruling.

AXE South Africa respects the ASA’s decision and apologises to any consumers who may have been offended by the advert. That was never our intention. The advert has been duly removed from mass broadcast and we have resorted to showcasing some international versions of the advert on our private brand channels, including, where consumers opt-in for the type of tongue-in-cheek, sexy and sometimes edgy content AXE is known for.

As a show of good faith to those concerned, we have also made sure the seriousness of the matter is understood by our Angels, who will from now on try their very best to resist the seductive powers of The AXE Effect. To those AXE Men who have used, and who are continuing to use AXE Excite in the hope of seducing Angels, please note - whilst there is no individual danger of disciplinary action from the ASA, the Angels have been known to come in at quite a speed, and the use of AXE Excite is completely at your own risk.

Due to the incredible amount of support we have received in the press and through social media, we have invited everyone to have their say on our Facebook page. So what do you think? Would you like the Angels to keep falling? Let us know.

And don’t worry, the Angels are still permitted to host their Cloud 9 party on December 3rd, so if you haven’t already entered our competition for exclusive VIP tickets, then make sure you go to to enter.


Issued by Gorilla Creative Media on behalf of AXE South Africa

So if you want to see these heavenly bodies continue their fall to earth to search for the best smelling AXE men, you know what to do! Hit their facebook page and get voting so we can see these again on earth.

Peace out and long fall the angels!

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  1. AMG, thanks for the love and very sorry to hear of your disappointment. In an effort to show the ASA that we have no problem whatsoever with Angels falling to earth we've set up a poll, if you'd care to vote it will get us one step closer to restoring a steady stream of Heavenliness through the whole in your ceiling.

    On that note, why not put in a skylight?