Thursday, October 18, 2012

World Day of Remembrance

Every year 100's if not 1000's of lives are lost on South Africa's roads and many are left with life long injuries caused by accidents. Despite many campaigns and initiatives by government, the numbers accidents on our roads keep increasing by the year. Where in some cases the accidents are unavoidable, many could have been prevented as the most common causes are drivers who were speeding or driving under the influence of alcohol. Now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that either of the two are dangerous, we have laws in place to prevent them! So what gives you or anyone the right to ignore them, especially when you are going to endanger the lives of other innocent motorists. The change has to come from the individual and that's the only way we can solve this problem.

18th November 2012 has been dubbed "World Day of Remembrance", it is a day that will be recognized internationally as a day we remember loved ones,  friends, family  and all whom were affected by a road traffic accident. Besides remembering the deceased, we will also help create awareness to the problem at hand, especially drinking and driving.

If you live in Durban, the guys at one of the cities most popular restaurants, Spiga D'oro along with Anna Savage who is one of the creators of the iHeart Market will be hosting an event on the 18th of November, the venue still remains a secret buto the promises to be a great one with plenty of good food, art, music and craft. Prior to the day, they will be hosting other events to generate a hype for the event, first of which being next Tuesday, the 23rd of October 2012 where a tweetup will be held at the Upstairs Bar above Spiga. Here you can meet and spend the evening with the people you mainly communicate with via your phone or a computer, at the same time you can tweet about the event using the hashtag #rememberme. You can also join the facebook fan page, this event is not limited to people on social media so spread the word to family and friends and lets make this a great day to remember those we have lost.

Those details again:

Date: 23rd October 2012
Time: 18h30
Dress: Casual
Food: Snacks will be supplied by Spiga
Bring: your phone
Hashtag: #rememberme

...btw, if you're drinking that night, don't forget to call a cab for your journey home ;)

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