Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monday Choon: Goldfish - Take back tomorrow

Goldfish are probably SA's biggest export of dance/ electronic music to the world. Their style is unique and they have many hooked to their beats. I've seen them perfom many a time including an invite only pool party in Durbs a few years back, everytime I see them Im left speechless by the talent. They tour overseas a lot and are regulars in Ibiza but this year they took their brand to a whole new level by representing South Africa in the biggest electronic music festival in the USA. Ultra Music Festival celebrated their 15th anniversary this year and Goldfish were invited to play, I havent seen footage but I heard they rocked Miami hard! Take back tomorrow was released back in January but its getting decently airplay now and is hanging around the Top 10 in the charts. Well deserved if you ask me.

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