Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Durban Digital Day

We are living in a digital era and it's forever growing at a rapid pace. Everything in society is going digital, whether its watching your favourite TV program, reading the news, shopping and heck, you can even order a cab on line now. There is no hiding from this digital revolution and it is ground breaking in many ways, to make the most of it you have to know how to use it. That is why the guys at Falconscove and DIGIT4LFOR have teamed up to bring us Durban Digital Day.

The event which is being held on the 31st of October, Halloween has an appropriate tag line,'does the online world scare you?'. People who attend the event can look forward to hearing from experts in the industry discussing and giving information on digital business, online strategies, trends, social media and advertising. The number of keynote speakers for the event is growing  with people like Kirsty Bisset, Barry Tuck, Mike Saunders, Fred Felton, Johnathan Darker, Cath Jenkin, to just name a few, so one can expect knowledge coming from a broad spectrum of people in the industry on the various ways you can improve your presence online. Also, there will be a bloggers panel which I will be part of, where we can share experiences, give advice and for you to ask questions related to the content being spoken about. 

Who is the event for? Well, marketing managers, advertising and digital media teams, social media managers, communications experts, CEO's, graphic designers and for anyone that is interested in the online world. It really is going to be a great day out to learn first hand as well as mingle and exchange ideas on the ever growing digital world and it's great that Durban is hosting something like this seeing that we normally miss the boat on many things.

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