Friday, January 24, 2014

Bucket Tech: Nokia Lumia 1020

41 megapixel camera, let that sink in for a bit. Most DSLR camera's have 24 megapixels, that's a little more than HALF of 41! and they managed to put it in a PHONE! Like anyone I was skeptical at first, "ooo phone with such a big camera, bet the pictures are still shit though", boy did I shut my mouth after taking the first picture. I cannot begin to tell you the quality of the pictures that I was taking and that was just in normal point and shoot mode!

Sure there's more to this phone than just the camera and just my luck, the day I received it was the same day my phone decided to go through its mid life crisis. So I had enough of its shit, tossed it aside and used the Lumia 1020 as my primary phone which was probably a good thing since I could see first hand how the phone performs. Like the Lumia 925, the phone comes loaded with Microsoft Windows Phone 8 which is up gradable to WP8 Black. In fact, the phone isn't that different from the 925 as it is practically the same phone with a big ass camera! 

The user interface is dead simple to use, the app store is straight forward and within a matter of minutes all my favourite apps were installed and ready to use on my phone. Nokia has made some changes with some of their apps, fusing the camera apps into one which makes a major difference. The contacts feature allows you to access all the info of the contact you select, whether its their contact numbers, latest facebook update or their last tweet. It's pretty cool how everything is integrated into one. The music player is also another nifty app which does so much more than just play your mp3's, it can search for other music by the artist, tell you where their are playing next and buy music. Nokia HERE has more info loaded onto it as they have people populating maps on a daily basis, added new places, reviews and pictures. 

The phone size is relatively the same size as any other smart phone on the market, (130.4 x 71.4 x 10.4)  the only snag is the camera protruding a bit but its not a major inconvenience as the phone is milled quite well to accommodate it but again like the 925 is a bit too smooth so you can easily have it slip out of your hand, it also makes taking pics with one hand kinda tricky but seems the guys at Nokia HQ either heard me but also had the same problem as the phone also came with "the grip". Its essentially a cover the phone snaps into that makes it more user friendly with one hand as it is shaped like a camera and gives you a better grip. The plus side to the grip is that it has a battery pack in it so it charges your phone while connected.

The camera settings offer the auto function which for novices its great as it adjusts the light, white balance and everything else for you in a jiffy, it also has a flash focus which focuses the lens with use of its Xenon * LED flash (that shit is bright!) so you don't have a picture with the flash ruining it. Yes I know most cameras have this feature but add to the fact it has a 41 megapixel camera and almost every picture you take is close to perfect. Night shots are incredible, want to get a pic of the night sky? Turn off the flash, have it on night more and snap, no more worrying about steady hands and worrying about movement. 

The big worry about the 41 megapixel camera was the picture sizing, with the rate social media is growing, how can one share such a large file over these mediums? Your data bundle would deplete faster than it gets loaded at the beginning of the month. Nokia were sharp though, when a picture is taken, it saves it in 22 formats, normal and high resolution. The normal pic is the same size as you normal phone pic which is a few hundred kilobytes but the High Res can range from 10mb up wards. The is a way to take RAW pictures with the phone which means the picture will be full 41 megapixel but with the internal memory being just 32gigs, this could pose a problem since that's all the memory you have. 

Coming back to the camera, some friends of mine actually managed to snap Orion's Belt! With a camera phone! That is unbelievable! One can divulge deeper into the settings of the camera set up where one can make detailed adjustments to the lens and balance settings. It has additional apps to the camera, like panoramic lense and city view. 

Overall, there isn't much difference from this phone to the Lumia 925 apart from one glaring you in the face. Yes it really is that tremendous and there's no words to describe what Nokia have done here, one can simply stand and applaud. It truly is a wonderful piece of technology and whoever has it will know this ....and they'll also take the best Instragram pictures form all their friends! 

Some pics I took with my test unit.


  1. Can you post the photo of Orion's Belt? I think you've watched Men in Black one too many times. We'll believe it when we see it, and then we can "divulge deeper" into the matter. What does that even mean - divulging deeper. Even your grammar is imaginary.

  2. Well if you leave your name and number, I can get back to you :)
    I do acknowledge the error though, not sure what the fuck I was thinking there.

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