Monday, February 10, 2014


We love cities campaign was created by the WWF to highlight cities that are making a difference to the environment by going green. In this day in age, everything we do is about looking after our environment, renewable energy has a big part to play in that since we harnessing power in a way that wont harm the environment. There is a lot being done in the world in terms of technological advancements in creating ways to live in a world that is environmentally friendly but it isn't enough, hence organisations like the World Wildlife Fund have created campaigns like the We Love Cities one to highlight those who have made major contributions. 

Durban has been short-listed as a finalist along with 32 other cities from 14 countries. Each city has been selected by an international panel of experts that scrutinised all the Climate Change Mitigation activities of the cities. The main theme for this years challenge is renewable energy and Durban has excelled in this aspect with a number of note worth projects, from hydro electrical power to harnessing energy from methane gas at landfill waste. Other projects include the wonder bag programme, solar mapping and solar water heating schemes. We as citizens of this beautiful city have every right to be proud of our achievements and not only just celebrate the beauty of the city. 

As much as the city gives to you, its time for you to give back to the city! Being a finalist Durban needs your help to win, its simple, you can either visit the we love cities website and vote for Durban there or include the hashtag #welovedurban in your tweets or instagram uploads. Every time you use the hashtag is counts as a vote to Durban. If you visit the website you can also give ideas on how to better the city. At the launch event, I tweeted that this is more than just winning a competition, this is getting Durban recognised as a major game player as a city in South Africa. For far too long we've been outshone by our sister cities, its time we get the credit we deserve!

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