Tuesday, March 18, 2014

At the table through the eyes of a kid

Remember that  TV show, 'Kids say the darndest things'? I quite enjoyed watching it, even though I was a teen, seeing what these bunch of kids had to say was highly entertaining and I wasn't alone in this. Most of my friends and family loved it as well. Kids are innocent so anything they say will always end up being cute or funny which is why the show was extremely popular but it was also to prove the fact that even though we were once kids, we can never really relate to them and think on the same level. 

Moving forward to present times, its even harder with technology becoming an integral part with the younger generations. Many kids get iPads form the age of 2! Heck I'm touching 29 and I still don't own one! They have the ability to learn things quicker and in such they end up knowing more about the devices they have than the parents that bought it for them. With these devices they have access to the internet, and with that access to social media. As we all know with social media, things can either go very good or very bad, very quickly but for the case of Dhiyarv Govender it's gone very good, infact extremely good, extremely quickly.

Dhiyarv with the help of his parents started the page "YUMMY or YUCKY", which essentially is a food critic page for kids. With the fast pace lives we now lead with most families having both parents working, they are often forced to eat out most of the time. Normally it would be to the parents disgression and not considering whether or not their child would enjoy the food from there. With this Facebook page, Dhiyarv has set out to do reviews on places he has visited, all reviews are done by him so the posts are aimed at youngsters of the same age since they can relate, the ratings come from the page title with YUMMY being good and YUCKY being not so good, there is another category which is YUMMILICIOUS which is very good. 

The reviews also give other parents an insight into places that their kids might like, that would avoid the outing where the only thing your child can understand or stomach off the menu is a plate of french fries. The reviews are pretty simple but at the same time gives you an insight into what kids would enjoy about the various places. Dhiyarv has already been featured in the local papers and has many admirer's including South Africa's first Masterchef, Deena Naidoo. The page itself is doing pretty well in terms of reach since its creation in Feb this year, it already has in excess of 500 likes and over 8000 views, all this achieved without any advertising! some agencies would kill for such exposure.

Also on the page you can find recipes that he has cooked up with the help of his folks. Due to its popularity, Dhiyarv didn't want all the attention from the page to be about himself because the aim of the page is about kids interest, so he welcomes reviews done by other youngsters. So if you have a budding foodie in your home that you think would contribute well to this page, drop YUMMY or YUCKY page on Facebook a message. 

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