Friday, August 5, 2016

Hotties of Rio 2016

The Summer Olympics gets under way tonight in Rio De Janeiro, well it actually started a few days ago but today see's the official opening ceremony with them lighting the flame and stuff. It's one of the biggest sporting events on the planet with countries competing in many of the summer orientated sports, to win gold for themselves and their country. Now while many will be watching the events for the sport and competitiveness, it doesn't hurt to know there are more than a handful of eye candy present. Now with them all being athletes, they have to be looking after their bodies and will be in the shape of their life for the games but there are a few who have been blessed with both the looks and the ability to compete at the highest level of their respective sports. We've done a quick run down of our top 10 female athletes to keep an eye out for during the games. 

Jacqueline, Carvalho, Brazil, Volley Ball

Well it's in Brazil so how can we not have a Brazilian first on the list? Sadly that's where it ends for the host nation but be sure to keep an eye on this hottie on the courts. 

Ellen Hoog, Netherlands, Hockey

The star of the Dutch female team, Ellen isn't just popular for her looks. Whilst being a key player for the national side, her looks did earn her a shoot with Sports Illustrated Magazine.

Genevieve Lacaze, Australia, Steeple Chase

It was bound to happen, yes while we all love to hate the Australians, you got to admit they have some fine looking Sheila's and Genevieve is one of them. Competing in the Steeple Chase, she's hoping to take home gold for the Aussies.

Amber Hill, England, Skeet Shooting

At just aged 18, Amber is probably the youngest on this list and at the Olympics but becareful, her forte is Skeet Shooting, so she'll have a marker on your head if you not wary. 

Ana Ivanovic, Serbia, Tennis

Ana needs no introduction to us, she's been wowing us on and off the courts with her gorgeous looks for years now and with the absence of Maria Sharapova this year, she'll be the one everyone looks out for at the Tennis even though she recently got married.

Michelle Jenneke, Australia, Hurdles

If you watch track and field and haven't heard of Michelle then quite frankly you've been watching with blinkers on. Known for her famous warm up dance that warms up just about every male watching. This is one Aussie I won't mind having over for tea.

Shelina Zadorsky, Canada, Football

Truth be told I wouldn't even know about her if I didn't watch the game against Australia the other night. It's a pity she was red carded quite early on, I think the ref thought she was just too hot to be on the field so sent her for an early shower. 

Darya Klishina, Russia, Long Jump

It just wouldn't be the Olympics without a hot Russian and Darya is your lady. Her legs will tower over just about anything hence she's a champ at the Long Jump. If that doesn't work out for her she could always go into modeling.

Alex Morgan, USA, Football

It's time to focus on the Americans and first up is Alex Morgan, she narrowly beat her team mates Hope Solo and Alex Krieger to this list but can you blame me? I mean look at the picture below.

Alana Blanchard, USA, Surfing

Yes! Surfing is a legit sport at the Olympics and honestly I cannot wait because of this particular lady. Alana Blanchard of the USA is bound to be competing for gold and she will be looking damn good doing so. Massive fan of her for obvious reasons and she's not that bad on the board either.

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