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Bucket Babe: Jade Hubner

It's hard to tell that Summer is around the corner with all the cold weather we've been having of recent but while we still feeling the midst of winter's cold hand, we have something to warm you up on the blog today. Today's featured model, a former Miss South Africa finalist in 2014 and currently one of the countries most popular television presenters. She has warmed our hearts after winning a TV presenter search and now features in one of SA's glamorous lifestyle magazine shows. She's a lover of animals and it goes to show with her recent #GoWildForWildlife campaign where fans could donate and dare her to do anything, all in the aid for protecting our wildlife. She is genuinely one of the most down to earth individuals around and even with her hectic schedule, she will always make time for people but enough from me, please meet the lovely...

Jade Hubner

She is a very passionate person and has a lot of interests. She enjoys being active and doing anything outdoors! She has a love for singing, acting, presenting, dogs and hanging out with her close friends

Some quick facts about Jade: 

  • She saved and bought her first car at 17.  
  • Paid for her own studies at UCT, completing a BCom degree.
  • Lived with 5% vision and saved and paid for Lasik eye surgery at the age of 20. 
  • Unlike the majority, Jade loves math and obtained 92% in matric!
  • Jade played Provincial water polo for 2 years.
  • She also teamed up with two engineering students and entered an international entrepreneurship competition, The Mazars Innovation Challenge, with their idea #Toilets4All and won.
  • She played a lead role alongside Jay Anstey, Jonathan Boynton-Lee and Stevel Marc in the feature film, Hell Trip, an American Horror which is due to be released worldwide in 2016/17.

 jadehubner Just Jade Hubner @jadehubner


1. Many first saw and got to know you through the Presenter Search on SABC3 which you won a spot as a Top Billing Presenter. How has life been since?
  • My life has done a complete 180, from planning and scheduling my weeks, I now live almost day to day.  It has taught me to just let go and go with the flow which has actually been a welcome change. Every day is completely different. I meet new people; I learn something new, which appeals to my adventurous side as I get bored very easily. It's also been completely surreal, although it's been a year and half, when I am on set, I still can't believe I am living my dream.
2. What was it like watching yourself on TV during the presenter search?
  • Watching myself on TV was awkward, every episode I watched there was something I did which made me cringe but it was good because I learnt what didn't translate well and what I could improve upon. Some spectators feel the need to point our faults however the truth is, we are our own worst critics - we see that fault and more. I don’t know if I will ever get comfortable with watching people watch me while I am next to them or them watching me, watch myself.  
3. You seem to lead a very active lifestyle, how do you manage to find a balance between your TV life and exercising?
  • I love being active, it's always been a part of my life which I did for fun. Even though my life is busy, I'll try to get up at 5am or exercise later but I don't beat myself up if I cannot manage to fit it in my day. Gym is my last resort, I prefer activities/ sports as they distract me and are fun. I love going to S.W.E.A.T1000 and Boxing at Point Break Fitness Centre. 
4. You've done a fair bit of modeling in your career as well, what would be your dream cover shoot?
  • Modeling for me was always a means for me to get into the industry, because I wanted to be a TV presenter, singer and actress. It was also a way to support myself financially because I paid for my own studies and had to support myself in high school to keep up with my friends. That being said, I still always wanted to be on certain covers and still do, locally and international (baby steps), I'd love to be on the cover of Men’s Health, Glamour, Women's Health, GQ, as many as possible! 
5. If you had to choose between modeling and presenting, which would you opt for?
  • I would definitely choose presenting over modeling, if I had to choose acting over presenting that is another story as I really enjoy both. I shot a movie in January this year, in which I play a lead role in an American movie, Hell Trip.   It will hopefully be released next year - it was the most amazing experience.  In the future, I hope to play strong roles portraying women in high power positions, action woman or roles where I get to sing.
6. Hot girls and hot cars go hand in hand, what ride would you like to see yourself in?
  • Right now I'm driving the Mini Countryman Cooper S, it's like a giant Mini! It's sporty, sexy and classy but it’s still young. I just love it plus I can fit my surfboard in it.
7. Growing up, did you have someone you aspired to be, a role model?
  • When I think role model there are a few people that come to mind, those who have lived moral lives or are good people - for example my Ouma, Nelson Mandela, my mom – specifically for her independence and strength. She is a single mom and has taught me to persevere and make things happen for myself, not to rely on others. Other role models in terms of career, Candice Swanepoel and Charlize Theron because they are South Africans who have made it internationally. In terms of career goals, I really admire Ellen DeGeneres, I love her realness, work ethic and how she is not shy to just be herself. Jennifer Lawrence as an actress as well. I really look up to these people and would love successful careers like them. 
8. Anyone holding that hand yet? or is it available?
  • I'm married to my career right now but there is someone special too.
9. How are your kitchen skills? If you had to make a sandwich for me, what would be in it?
  • Yeah I'm phenomenal in the kitchen… I'm a brilliant eater! Basically I’d rather be outside playing sport than cooking and thereafter come in to enjoy the amazing meal someone has already prepared ;) If I really have to, I can whip something together but I’d rather not. If I'm with somebody, then it is a lot more fun to cook and then I don’t mind. The men in my life always like to cook, so my dad loves cooking and he is absolutely brilliant! My brother also loves to cook, he started studying hospitality and to be a chef; he cooks amazingly as well so I never really needed to cook.   I can, however, make the most amazing fridge family cheese cake - it's been in the family recipe book for decades.
10. Everyone loves popcorn (well I think they do) what is your topping/ sprinkle of choice?
  • Definitely cream cheese and chives! 
11. Best meal abroad?
  • COCONUT ICE CREAM IN ZANZIBAR! I have dreams about it still.
12. What type of music gets your booty shaking?
  • Anything that has an amazing beat that makes me want to get up and dance, or an amazing voice that makes me tingle. Adele, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith are favourites!  I do enjoy mainstream music as well, my current favourites are Rihanna and Calvin Harris, "This Is What You Came For" and love Drake's "One Dance". I'm thinking of releasing a song next year, I’m currently working on something…so we’ll see.
13. What is your favourite travel destination and why?
  • I saved up for 10 years and recently went snowboarding. Of course tomboy me was instantly hooked and naturally became obsessed. So anywhere there is snow and I can snowboard, I’m in!
14. Describe your ideal night in, and out.
  • My ideal night in would be cuddles, dogs around me, warmth, good food and a movie. An ideal night out would be a dinner anywhere with fun and happy people.
15. As a Top Billing presenter, you get the opportunity to see the world but also a lot of our country, what do you love most about South Africa?
  • SA has got to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world, rich in culture, liberal and fun! Despite my extensive travels with the show, I still think we have the best food! I’m so proud to call it HOME.

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