Friday, October 28, 2016

Day of the Dead with Daniel Ricciardo

F1 moves to Mexico this weekend and as the cars line up to take on the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez circuit, the guys down at RedBull Racing decided to have some fun first. With the race weekend coinciding with the popular "Day Of The Dead" celebrations in Mexico, Daniel Ricciardo decided to join in on the festivities. On Wednesday night, the Red Bull Racing driver entertained a thousand people in a stunning celebration of the The Day of the Dead in Mexico City. The Australian switched the asphalt racing track for a big metallic dome with dancing skeletons and symbolic elements to fly through the air, challenging Death to complete the original altar.

F1 returns to Mexico for the second year running after a long absence in the sports and PUMA threw a huge party in a unique Red Bull Racing style. Daniel was joined by some special guests and symbolically set an offering through four big moments. The talented Mariana Echeverria personified as "The Catrina", hosted the even that included the versatile warrior Uriel del Toro, a flight through the air spreading Cempazuchitl flower petals by the beautiful model Gabi Graff, and some skeletons riding motorcycles. In the final act, the F1 driver lit up the fire inside the Offrendome, after defeating Death in a thrilling battle. 

Have thrilled the crowds in something other than a racing car, Daniel had this to say about his experience, "I love the day of the dead celebrations here in Mexico City and the way everyone is dressed up in skulls, it feels like we're in a movie. The Mexicans passion for life and their passion for remembering those who are no longer with us is also fascinating. It was a great event today and it was cool being a part of it. I want to thank PUMA for making it happen."

In closing, head of PUMA Mexico, Mario Olvera gave Daniel a skull lithography made by a Mexican artist as a gesture of appreciation for being part of the celebration of the The of the Dead with all the united talent, and as a homage for his bravery.

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