Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Bucket Tech: Huawei P30 Series

Today in Paris Huawei showcased its latest flagship smart phone, the P30 and the P30 Pro, along with other cool products and accessories to go with it. With Samsung having unpacked their artillery with the Galaxy S10 launch not so long ago, all eyes in the technology industry were keen to see what the Chinese had up their sleeve to match or beat the Korean's at and Huawei didn't disappoint. I won't be giving away too much in this post as I will be attending the local launch of the P30 Series next week and will have a more detailed analysis of the devices then but for now I'll just skim through the really cool features that was showcased at today's global launch.

The main feature or talking point about the P Series phones has always been it's camera, it was on the P9 that Huawei announced it's partnership with Leica and launched the world's first dual lens camera phone and it only got better from there. With the P30 much is the same with it having the world's first Leica Quad Camera, this helped  P30 Pro achieve the highest score ever by Dxomark Mobile of 112, the next  two phones on the list received 109 and those devices are also Huawei's, the Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro. Some of the main area's Huawei targeted with the P30 camera is taking pictures in low light, with P30 Pro's camera brings in as much light as possible into it's pictures to get the best quality imagines in low light or the dark and it does this on auto settings with just one click. No need for a fancy tripod or night mode. At the launch Huawei were blunt as ever, having two of their competitors devices to showcase live to the crowd how much better their phone is.

The camera functions don't just stop there, with incredible pictures being able to be capture in auto mode, the night mode feature just takes it to the next level with you being able to capture the galaxy with the P30 Pro and Huawei's Richard Yu was quick to point out that the Samsung Galaxy couldn't replicate the feat. Huawei's P30 Series also comes with phenomenal zoom capabilities, with hybrid zoom which means you can zoom in and not lose quality of the picture or video, it truly is astounding as proven again by their live demo at the event. It also has the option of a dual video function, where the camera uses a wide angle lens and a normal lens for a cinematic effect, it will add a new dimension to videos going forward.

The battery on the P30 Pro is pretty impressive and it also has all the same qualities as the Mate 20 Pro with reverse charging and fast charging. With the screen to body ratio being so minimal, Huawei have made an acoustic display whereby the speak sits under the screen, transforming the screen into your earpiece speaker, quite revolutionary for a device and will be featured in many others to come. The P30 Series comes in a few colour options, my favourite being Aurora which I presume will be one of the favourites when launched locally. Cost wise, the P30 launched at 799 and the P30 Pro starting from 999. We will have to wait till next weeks launch to find out the costing for us in SA.

Also at the launch Huawei took the opportunity to launch other products like their new watch and wireless ear buds but one that stuck out from the lot was their Smart Eyewear which is the world's first Smart Spectacles. Well, yes Snapchat did have their one but this makes that one look like a Fisher Price toy, mind you the name of Huawei's product also sounds like a kids today "Gentle Monster". It's design is fashionable and trendy, it has no buttons and operates by touch. Has a built in antenna, microphone and dual speaker so you can take a call with it while doing whatever it is you're doing. You can even ask it for info like you would for your phone and it will give it to you. The glasses comes in it's own unique pouch which serves as a wireless charging station for it and is the worlds first contact less wireless charging device.

Getting back to the P30 Series, we've only touched on just a few things that this device is capable of doing, we'll have a more indepth look at the device once it's launched locally, and have local pricing available for the phone and to see what cool accessories Huawei chose to bring to the country. 

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