Friday, May 29, 2020

Bucket Tech: Huawei P40 Series in SA

After a delay yesterday, Huawei South Africa launched the rest of the P40 range in the country today, via a live online stream. As always celebrity partnerships were announced with the brand, bringing in the likes of Minni Dlamini, DJ Tira, Nay Maps, Anga Makubalo and Nasty C. Now there's not much about the device we didn't already know about since the global launch, it was just how the devices ecosystem will affect local uses, and obviously which devices from the range we would be getting. Well lets get the latter out of the way first, SA market will get the P40 and P40 Pro, no P40 Pro +, no mention if it would be considered in the future. As we all know Huaweis's devices are no longer supported by Google, so the ecosystem will be entirely different on the P40, with the Huawei App Gallery being your app store. Huawei have invested a lot in this over the past few years, getting developers to create more apps for the gallery, making it the third largest app ecosystem in the world. You will find most of your favourite apps on there, like Facebook, TikTok, etc and Huawei are throwing in freebies such as online shopping vouchers and other gifts that you just have to keep your eyes peeled for. 

Huawei's camera's have been their trademark feature for the P series from the P9 with its dual lens Leica camera. Huawei works with photographers to develop their cameras, so much so that the phone often becomes a camera with a phone. The trick to Huawei's camera is not the size of the lens but rather their sensor that they use. It allows more natural light in all your pictures, perfect for low light pictures. Then again with the AI capabilities of Huawei P40, it automatically enhances the pictures it captures but the AI doesn't stop there, it even helps you with editing unwanted objects or people in your shots. The video capabilities has been enhanced, especially the audio recording which was a major issue in the past, Huawei now has Audio zoom where you can select a subject and the audio recording will be enhanced for that particular subject. 


Huawei SA CTO Akhram Mohammed was pretty honest about the hurdles that the company faced after facing US restrictions but made note of the advancements Huawei has made to overcome these, there's still a long way to go but with Huawei using other forms of their research to help out in the medical, environmental and now local business fields. Pricing on the P40 and P40 Pro has been released, while its not cheap, Huawei is giving customers the chance to get a free P40 Lite with your purchase of either the P40 or P40 Pro. P40 is currently going for R16,999 with the Pro being R20,999. 


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