Friday, June 26, 2020


For a long time I thought this day would never come, after so many years of coming close but which ended as heart break I thought I would never see my beloved football club achieve the one trophy we wanted so badly, the Premier League but what I witnessed last night, what I felt last night, will live with me till the day I die. Liverpool didn't kick a ball, in fact the team were at a hotel, sitting on the deck watching Chelsea take on current champions Manchester City. The result of that match wasn't tremendously important as Liverpool would have secured the title in any case with them needing one more win in the last 7 games they had to play but seeing the team sat with each other, celebrating the way they did in the early hours of the morning felt so much better than them playing in front of an empty stadium. 

It hurts me writing this as I was meant to break my Anfield virginity this year, I had tickets to the game against Aston Villa which was scheduled to take place in April but due to a pandemic that's pretty much crippled the entire world I could not realise this dream. Knowing that I would have been there, sitting on the Kop, chanting for the Champions sends shivers down my spine but I have to wait a bit longer for that dream to become a reality. I'm sure it will be still as special and I read something on Twitter, that with borders being closed in England it is sort of poetic justice that the people of Liverpool get to celebrate this one by themselves. After all it's the city and its people who the club was born and molded to, we, the global fans should let them have their moment. 

Today is not a day to talk about our bitter rivals but rather to bask in the glory of what this magnificent team has achieved. They like many teams of the past have proven to always get up after you've fallen, do your very best and you will succeed. After falling short by just 1 point last season, no one could have predicted such a brutal onslaught for title glory by Jurgen and his men. They were devastating to any opponent, only losing once so far this entire season, being 23 points ahead of their nearest challenger. The stats are crazy, and as they were crowned champions of England last night, they did so by the biggest winning margin ever in the history of the league. This team is just incredible and to see the unity they have with each other off the field along with the symmetry they pose on the field, it's just a joy to watch. 

Jurgen Klopp said last night in a live TV interview where he was left in tears, that this one is for the fans and boy do we deserve it. We've waited 30 years for this moment and even with all that is going around at the moment, it still feels great to sit here knowing that Liverpool FC have finally achieved greatness. Seeing the team and the manager get the recognition they duly deserve is heart warming but seeing the fans lap up the celebrations is even better. This is a team for the ages, and when Jordan Henderson so deservedly lifts that trophy a loft, albeit in an empty Anfield, he can be sure that there will be millions around the world screaming when he does so. Many may say this is a "tainted title" or season with what has transpired but I think not, it's the one season that nobody will forget and be remembered for years to come, where the closest thing that came stopping Liverpool from winning their first Premier League title was a virus and not another team!

You'll Never Walk Alone

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