Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Bucket Tech: Klipsch T5 || True Wireless 2 Mclaren Sport Edition

Last week many on my Twitter or Instagram saw me in a Zoom meeting with the Lando Norris of McLaren F1 Racing team but no one knew why, today I can reveal to you it was because of the launch of Klipsch all-new racing inspired wireless headphones, the T5 Gen2. It was my first Zoom online launch and quite honestly I was just keen to see what Klipsch were offering, so the whole thing with Lando joining us was a complete surprise to us all! It was pretty cool though as he talked about his first podium finish in Formula One and took us for a virtual walk around the garage at Spielberg race track but obviously the main thing was the product which was being launched, the T5 Gen 2. Having owned a pair of wired Klipsch headphones before and just recently purchased the T5 wireless headphones, I can confirm by myself that these products bring to you unrivaled sound quality, comfort and brilliant battery life so with the new Gen 2 True Wireless earphones it could only get better. 

The purpose of the launch was also to announce Klipsch official partnership with the McLaren F1 team as their official headphone and portable audio partner. The two companies have collaborated to combine McLaren's unparalleled ethos and technical innovation with Klipsch's legendary high-fidelity audio and unparalleled comfort. The result is the Klipsch T5 ll True Wireless Sport McLaren edition earphones, engineered for extreme performance and designed to sty dry and in place through anything life throws at them. 

Compared to the first gen T5 True Wireless, the Gen 2 is smaller, sleeker and has a wider range or comfort bud sizes to fit your ears with half sizes now coming along with it. So no longer just small, medium and large to fit into your ear canal, thus giving you a snug fit and ensuring that you will not have an issue of one falling out while you're doing your workout. The earphones feature a new signal boost antenna which delivers a high-quality seamless Bluetooth wireless connection. The T5 Gen2 are IP67 rated which make them dust and waterproof and they come in an attractive brushed metal case that holds up to a combined 32 hours of battery life with the earphones have an 8 hour battery life. The McLaren Sport edition comes in a case that is finished in carbon fiber. Both cases have a wireless charging base. 

You will be able to control just every aspect of the T5 ll True Wireless earphones from the Klipsch Connect App which is available for both Android and Apple devices, so you can calibrate and equalize to the perfect sound for your enjoyment. The app also gives you access to a quick start guide and troubleshoot as well as battery status of the earphones. Overall the T5 ll True Wireless headphones look like a winner if you're looking for a good set of wireless earphones, the McLaren Sport Edition are a must if you're using them for training and with the added customized look to them it makes them an even more attractive purchase. Also the McLaren Edition comes with a free wireless charging pad. 

Key features of the Klipsch T5 ll McLaren Sport Edition True Wireless Earphones

  • Dust and water-tight earphones and case (rated IP67) with moisture removal system ensure earphones remain dry.
  • Six pairs of patented Klipsch ear tips, one pair of comply memory foam ear tips, and three sizes of no-budge ear wings ensure a customized, comfortable and secure fit. 
  • The case charges via USB-C or wirelessly with the included on-position wireless charging pad. 
  • Up to 32 hours of battery (8 hours in the earphones)
  • Best-in-class acoustic performance and four beam forming microphones with clear voice chat.
  • A seamlessly designed anodized metal signal-boost exterior antenna. 
  • McLaren's hallmark Papaya Orange and carbon fiber accents, special edition brand book and serialized metal card of authenticity. 

Recommended Retail Price for the Klipsch T5 ll True Wireless earphones are 199thile the McLaren Sport Edition the Klipsch T5 ll True Wireless are 229€.

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