Wednesday, July 29, 2020

We are Premier League Champions

At the risk of being called "unbearable" I decided to do this post exactly a week after Liverpool have lifted the much eluded Premier League trophy. Many would say it's arrogance, the rate which us Liverpool fans are behaving, yes there is a lot of that and I'm loving it, because of years of torture, hurt and being on the wrong end of many league jokes, we've finally got that monkey off our back and it feels so damn good! So allow us to bask in this glory, albeit a bit weird since we could not have our supporters in the stadium to cheer the team lifting the trophy, since we cannot have a parade which no doubt would have had close to a million people lining the streets of Liverpool to see, since we cannot celebrate in the pubs with a pint, so let us have this. Its been 30 years and with the team we got, I'm quite confident in saying it wont be another 30 till the next one, which is what has supporters of other teams cautiously worried. After going through numerous managers, some of which came close, Jurgen Klopp managed to do something they couldn't do, get us over the line and in what a fashion too. After finishing last season in second place on 97 points, just 1 behind the eventual winners, it seemed like it would have been another "came close but not close enough" seasons for us but the mentality he instilled in this group of players, to be better is nothing short of inspiring. At one stage, many feared Liverpool would never drop points, let alone lose a game!

Obviously that would have been a difficult task and our first defeat came against the most unlikely team in the league, it just spur'd the team to do better.  You can argue with this point all you like but the biggest threat against Liverpool this season was a virus rather than another team. When the league was stopped, Liverpool were a massive 25 points ahead of second placed Manchester City. Eventually in the end, City only amassed 81 points, the number of points Liverpool had at the time the season was paused? 82. Yes, Liverpool didn't even have to play another game since the restart and they still would have won so put that in your pipe and smoke it! The accolades just kept pouring in for the team and the players, with Jordan Henderson winning the FWA player of the season award, much to many bitter comments, if you watch Henderson over this season and saw what a commanding force he was on the field, you would understand why he got this accolade. His on field and off field performances never go unnoticed by the team and fans .Yes, he wont have the most goals, or the most assists but in creating play, going back to defend, giving 110% every time which ultimately got us over the line in very difficult games. His contribution has been outstanding and while many say he could never equal Steven Gerrard, he in his own right has now reached legendary status for the club. Heck, the guy has lifted 4 of the very highest ranked silverware in the past 13 months, so put some respect on his name for God sake! 

Jurgen Klopp was awarded the LMA Manager of the season trophy, another deserved accolade for someone who kept his promise to the owners, the club and fans. When he came in, he said he would get us this trophy, okay it took one extra year than he said but he damn well did it. Also what is interesting to note about this partnership Klopp has with the club and owners, is the level of trust they've bestowed on him, these days clubs are too quick to let go of managers who have a wobbly, fall short of achievements and with that, it shakes the whole system. The owners trusted Klopp, gave him time, didn't give him all the money in the world but lets face it, we didn't need it as Klopp is the type of manager that takes average players and shows them their true potential, I mean Gary Neville said it best, Jurgen takes 30 million pound players and turns them into 130 million pound players.  While the squad does change ever so slightly every season, the new additions always step up and show the reason Klopp brought them in. Last season Naby Kieta was finding his feet, battling with injury as most players do when first getting into Klopp's training methods but this season has stepped up and showed us what he can do, and I have the same confidence that Minamino will do the same next season for us. 

Coming back to the trust between owners and manager, this could be seen by other clubs and make them realise, maybe they should give their manager more time. Ole was having a dreadful season but ended up guided Manchester United to 3rd place, something even their own supporters would have said was far fetched back in December. It will definitely change the mindset and I think improve the way clubs are managed going forward, while it will spell bleak news for the media who are forever ready to see who will be fired next, it will be good for the game. Anyway, back to Liverpool, so you see guys, you have a lot to thank us for inadvertently, so I ask again, let us celebrate, it's been 30 years, let us have our glory, keep your snide remarks to yourself and let us have our time. It might be different but we still can celebrate none the less, also whether you like to admit it or not, Liverpool FC single handedly ruined 'Show Me Love' for every other supporter of another team in the league, you'd hate to admit it but we did, you saw that video, don't pretend like you didn't!

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