Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Bucket Seat: Ferrari Roma


La Nouva Dolce Vita, is the caption used by Ferrari for their latest model, the Roma, the caption is a play on the famous Italian phrase "La Dolce Vita" and translates to "The New Sweet Life", quite appropriate if you ask me. Why? The Roma is an all new V8 model from the Italian manufacturer but unlike the previous models which were designed around performance thanks to their award winning turbo-charged V8 engine, the Roma's design is one that that incorporates fluent lines and show stopping beauty. It's been a long time since we've seen such a design from Maranello, the flair and elegance that flows from the front to the back will leave you in awe at how gorgeous this new model is, Ferrari's Styling Center say the design centers around clean design and absolute symbiosis between its various elements with harmonious proportions and pure, elegant volumes. Minimalism in its grandiose scale if you ask me . With it being a GT, there is a lot of luxury aspects to the Roma, something we've only seen in the California and lately the Portofino with V8 powertrains. While the exterior styling is completely different from the norm, the interior is as well, a it's the first Ferrari to feature a large touchscreen infotainment in the center console which controls everything from the audio, climate as well as many other things in the cabin . The sleek styling combined with the exotic and rich materials used in the cabin provide the perfect balance for a sporty yet very luxurious feel.  Obviously with Ferrari, the options to specify your car is endless, as you can choose what colour and texture trims you want on the dash right down to what colour stitching you want on the steering wheel. 

Lets talk about performance now, the Roma features a new turbo-charge 4 litre V8 which produces 456kW at 5750 - 7500rpm, torque max is 760Nm which equates to a 0-100km/h acceleration time of just 3.4 seconds. Max speed on the Roma is said to be over 320km/h so while it might be a baby GT its still no slouch. Maybe it's just me but I feel the Roma is the type of car that you want to majorly use for cruising around town, letting it bask in its own beauty while others get to admire it too. Yes on the weekend you can take it on the open road to let some fresh air breathe into that monstrous V8 as well as have fun on some twisty roads, whether it be on the coast on in the countryside. Ferrari also offer bespoke luggage made for the Roma so customers can have suitcases to fit for their car. Pricing for the Roma, it starts of at R4,972,000 with a list of options to chose from. 










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