Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Bucket Seat: BMW M5 CS

What's that noise coming over the hill from Munich? It's those crazy Bavarians again! That's what! BMW have unleashed the most powerful production car they have ever made in the form of the new BMW M5 CS. This super saloon spits out figures that just boggles the mind, for example a 0-100km/h time of just 3 seconds! For a four-door saloon! That is mental! Obviously with the CS being a special model in the BMW ranks, there will be a limited number of models produced with South Africa only being allocated 5 and you can bet your bottom dollar that these things will sell like hotcakes, even with the fact that the price tag of them will be well beyond the R3 million mark. 

The BMW M5 CS is powered by a 4.4-ltires V8 engine, that produces a whopping 467kW of power and delivers 750Nm break your neck on take off torque, making this the most powerful car in the history of BMW M. The M5 CS comes standard with an eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic and the MxDrive all-wheel-drive system like the Competition model which offers the option of a 2WD mode for pure rear-wheel drive, also makes for more fun driving around the corners if you want to hang the back out. 

As mentioned before, the 0-100km/h time is 3.0 seconds, but the 0-200km/h time is 10.3 seconds with the top speed electronically limited to 305km/h. I'm not sure if the South African models will differ with ours normally being governed to 250km/h. The BMW CS has large 20" M forged wheels with a unique Y-spoke which is Gold in colour, these are wrapped around Pirelli P Zero Corsa track tyres which come standard on the car. The CS has M Carbon ceramic brakes with red callipers also as standard. Other key noticeable differences on the M5 CS are the Gold bronze accents on the hootlid and gill bar, as well as around the grille, carbon fibre rear spoiler carbon fibre rear diffuser and exterior mirror caps in carbon fibre. With the LCI headlamps , the L-shaped light tube on the M5 CS illuminates in yellow instead of white. Most vents and splitters are in carbon fibre as well. 

Stepping insider the M5 CS, The steering wheel is covered in Alcantara with center marker in red, which harks back to the classic race cars, the shift paddles are carbon fibre. CS Badge on the front passenger side, all head restraint show outline of the legendary Nurburgring and all a lot of light weight design aesthetics to make the car as light as possible. The seats at M Carbon for front driver and passenger with the rear seats being individual bucket-style sports seats.

This car is a beast of note and everything about it just shouts performance, it really is a remarkable piece of engineering from BMW which will have many frothing at the mouth just by looking at it. We can't wait to see one in the metal. 

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