Friday, January 22, 2021

January Slump

Liverpool fans of days gone by won't be that surprised to what we're witnessing at the moment from our team as for years gone by, January was always our worst performing month. It was almost inevitable year on year that the team would lose form as a collective. No idea how or why but it used to happen and frustrate the living daylights out of the supporters as we would lose valuable ground on the league table. We've enjoyed a good few years under Jurgen Klopp and he seemed to have gotten us out of that terrible patch over the past three seasons but this year its come back to bite us and bite us hard! We're 22 days into the new year and we still haven't registered a league win as yet with two draws and two losses to show for it. We're 6 points behind the league leaders and in 4th position. Normally, any other club won't see this as a bad thing as we're only 19 games into the season but when you look at our position last year, where we were 13 points clear of second place at this stage, you begin to worry. What went wrong? Are we not the best team in the land anymore? Are the players tired? Are other teams figuring us out? Did someone curse the team? Well stranger things have happened as the events of the year has shown us so far but I don't see this as a massive panic for the team as certain supporters are acting like at the moment. 

It's probably a mixture of reasons for the off form, the injury list has been a long one for the team and for a long time where most players have been playing more often than normal, so fatigue is a major issue at the moment. Also teams have been studying us and figuring out our weaknesses of which they are hardly much so the next best thing to do is to kill the game off by putting more men behind the ball. Often there are times where the teams have 8 players at the back trying to fend off our attacks, now this is by no means an excuse, we're Liverpool FC, we need to find a way to break these teams down but how is it so difficult for us at the moment? Well, my assumption is apart from the tiredness of the players, it also has to do with the motivation, I know this seems a bit daft in the greater scheme of things but I noticed that the lack of a crowd has really had an effect on us, and last nights first home loss since 2016 just goes to prove that the effect of the 12th man was missed. More often than not in the past, it was the crowd that lifted the spirits of the players and got us over the line, now with the pandemic, its not possible. The playing of the fan chants is nice but that roar of Anfield was missing last night!

Whatever the reason for this slump, I hope it goes away quick because we still have much to fight for and Jurgen knows this, the players know this so its a mental game at the moment. We need one game to kick-start things and the players can grow from there. I'm not talking about another 7 goal mauling, even a dodgy 1-0 win will do for us at the moment. Next league opponents are Spurs away, no easy feat and Jose smells blood and will want to go for the kill, we need three points from that game and there's nothing else that matters for us at the moment. We can do it with the players we have so its up to them to turn things around on the field. 


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