Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Bucket Tech: Lyngdorf Home Entertainment

When it comes to home entertainment, quality is key especially if you wanting the true sound performance of what you are listening to, whether it be music or movies. Studios spend thousands, if not millions of dollars on sound recording equipment to record in high-quality audio to give the listener the experience of being right there with them. Most of the modern day sound systems allow you to listen to audio but are you really listening to it, that is the question. You see, there are amplifiers and surround processors and then there is Lyngdorf Audio, the Danish sound technology company who lay claim to the first real digital amplifier which was developed in 1999, take quality to  a whole new level and four of their latest innovations have just arrived in South Africa. 

Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 Amplifier

The Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 provides ultimate flexibility. Its small design footprint allows it to be easily placed anywhere in the home, and the vast features offer a great variety of streaming options. All the user-friendly features you could ask for are paired with Lyngdorf Audio’s world-famous digital amplification technology and patented RoomPerfect™ room correction for the ultimate listening experience. Connect the TDAI-1120 to the HDMI (ARC) output of your television to turn the TDAI-1120 into the best sound system for your movies. Connect the TDAI-1120 to your WiFi and enjoy all the integrated streaming services.

The TDAI-1120 accepts all your media interfaces and has an advanced media player of the highest quality. Through the network or via the USB connectors, you can access your library of music via the DLNA/UPnP enabled player. All can intuitively be controlled with your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

The TDAI-1120 ships complete with RoomPerfect™, providing the ultimate listening experience. With RoomPerfect™, the TDAI-1120 delivers a perfect musical experience in all living rooms. In a nutshell, without the need for extensive acoustic treatment, you get a sound system with optimal frequency response, seamless level alignment, and bass management that perfectly integrates the speakers and subwoofers.

Priced from R61,400

Lyngdrof TDAI-3400 HDMI Amplifier

Extreme audio processing options combined with the most powerful and advanced digital amplifier technology, givea you the Lyngdorf TDAI-3400, the most powerful product from Lyngdorf Audio. Through the web interface you can perform all setup and operations. The menu system allows you to tailor your setup and sound, and the digital crossover allots three individual output settings. With their proprietary RoomPerfect™ room-correction software to eliminate the negative influence of the listening room, the TDAI-3400 delivers perfect sound without the need for extensive room treatment.

A variety of inputs and outputs provide plenty of options to connect your audio and video sources as well as your speaker setup – such as seven digital inputs including a balanced AES/EBU, USB inputs connects to music stored external, two analog inputs for simple analog music sources and optional modules.

The TDAI-3400 accepts all media interfaces and features a built-in media player with the highest playback quality. Through your local network or via the USB connectors, you can access your entire library of music with the DLNA/UPnP enabled player. This media player also connects to streaming services like Roon Ready, Spotify Connect, and Airplay as well as internet radio. The TDAI-3400 supports TIDAL Connect which enables lossless audio quality with the TIDAL app as the controller.

Priced from R123,100

Lyngdorf MP-40 Surround Processor

The Lyngdorf MP-40 surround sound processor offers sonic qualities and performance in a streamlined design for smaller applications. Ease of installation and user-friendly features are complemented with a simplified feature giving you the opportunity to experience the performance that Lyngdorf Audio is famous for.

The MP-40 features 12 native channel decoding and 16 balanced audio outputs. The MP-40 offers full support of the immersive surround formats DOLBY ATMOS®, DTS:X® and AURO-3D®.

The MP-40 is equipped with Lyngdorf Audio’s proprietary RoomPerfect™ calibration technology, the world’s most sophisticated technology for adapting the sound system to the environment. The RoomPerfect™ calibration ensures a perfect surround sound experience in nearly any installation environment, reducing or even eliminating bulky bass traps and other acoustic treatment.

Priced from R228,900

Lyngdorf MP-60 Surround Processor

The Lyngdorf MP-60 is equipped with all the advanced technologies for which Lyngdorf Audio is known, including the renowned room correction system RoomPerfect and unsurpassed quality in digital signal processing.

The MP-60 features decoding and balanced outputs for 16 audio channels, with extraordinarily easy installation. With eight HDMI inputs and three outputs (one being HDBaseT), this new masterpiece from Lyngdorf Audio supports the HDMI 2.1 feature eARC, Dynamic Lip-Sync and QMS (Quick Media Switching) as well as the latest decoding and post-processing formats. Now with full 16 channel decoding, the MP-60 offers full support of the immersive surround formats DOLBY ATMOS®, DTS:X® PRO and AURO-3D®, and it delivers a surround sound experience that outmatches anything in and above its class. With a video throughput of up to 18 Gbps, the MP-60 supports the full 4K 60Hz video stream including the passing of HDR or Dolby Vision information. eARC enables a full Dolby Atmos audio bitstream being returned to the processor from the television, ensuring full audio quality from the TV’s built-in media players. The MP-60 of course also supports the pass-through of the new HDR format for streaming video: HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma).

Priced from R324,700

Lyngdorf products are exclusively available through Homemation

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