Monday, August 16, 2021

Monday Choon: deadmau5 & Lights - When The Summer Dies

Deadmuat5 is back on the blog today with his latest offering featuring Lights in the track titled "When the Summer Dies". The track brings back the iconic Deadmau5 sounds with the deep hard bassline backtrack with high synth overlays, which are pretty catchy and get your head bobbing as soon as it hits. Joel last teamed up with Lights back in 2018 to release the midtempo track "Drama Free", while it wasn't one of the popular tracks in his library the colab proved to be a perfect fit as their skills just syncs well. This single showcases the pop-punk sensibilities, infused with a playful production from Joel. It's a great track, and should prove to be another deadmau5 banger, and thats why it makes our featured track of the week. 

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