Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Bucket Tech: Polk Audio Monitor XT & Signature Elite Series


If you're into high end sound systems, Polk Audio needs no introduction to you, as they are world renowned in producing high-end speakers at affordable pricing for the purists. Polk Audio are proud to announce two additions to the Polk Audio portfolio: the all new Monitor XT and the updated Signature Elite Series. The Monitor XT provides all listeners an entry point into Polk Audio's 50 years' worth of experience building iconic loudspeakers that deliver clarity, high-output and effortless bass. The Polk Signature Elite Series is the successor of the Signature E Series which has won numerous awards, is highly regarded by industry press, and is loved by thousands of owners.


The Monitor XT Series is the latest addition to Polk’s Loudspeaker portfolio targeting consumers who want to feel confident that they are making a good purchase decision. The Monitor XT Series offers two floor-standing towers, a slim and a full center channel, two bookshelf speakers, a Dolby Atmos enabled Height Module and a 12’’ Subwoofer. The Series is compatible with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, & Auro 3D. Monitor XT’s Terylene tweeter is Hi-Res Audio certified. With playback up to 40kHz, MXT speakers create high-end energy and spaciousness you’ll not only hear but feel.

Available in Black vinyl finish, includes anti-diffraction grille.


Polk's Signature Sound goes Elite, offering music, movie and gaming with room-filling, high-resolution, cinematic sound and effortless base. Signature E has been relaunched in the global Polk portfolio to Signature Elite, this line-up now find's it place in the center of the Polk Speaker portfolio. It was designed with quality, timbre matched Polk components throughout to enable the mix and match models to build a dream home theatre or music listening environment consumers look fore. The Signature Elite Series offers three floor-standing towers, a slim and a full center channel, two bookshelf speakers and one surround speaker.

Available in Black and White finish.

Polk Audio is exclusively available via Homemation 

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