Friday, September 10, 2010

September 11th

Tomorrow (11/09/10) marks the 9th anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks on the USA. None more striking than the destruction of the twin towers better known as the World Trade Center. I dont want to go into detail as to what transpired that Tuesday morning in New York as you pretty much know every detail to it.

For me I was sitting at home that afternoon watching a re-run of some movie & by chance I paused it to see what was coming on TV, at that point WTC2 begun its fall. Sitting there watching the scroller at the bottom read "US under attack" I was shocked, confused & sadden to see this happen. Im a fan of anything big & concrete, at the time those 2 towers were the ultimate for me. The design from the outside may have been plain & dreary to the others but that didnt strike my mind one bit. I had it down on my must visit places before I died but now I will never see it thanks to some extremist that thought it would be a good idea to park two planes in them.

The world lost 2 truly great landmarks that day, & as it came down it took with it 1000's of innocent lives, but as I said I dont want to go too much into that. Its a touchy subject & rightfully so. No one deserved to die that day, including those 2 monuments to human engineering. So tomorrow, not only do we remember the lives losts, but also the buildings lost.

gone but never forgotten 


  1. Oh WOW! I had almost forgotten.

    Thanks dude. I was in high school when this tragic transpired and was unfortunately in class, so I so the many re-runs. Couldn't believe it. Still cant.

    and your page is really nice.

  2. thanks :) yes I was also in high school at the time, Standard 9 to be precise.