Friday, November 26, 2010

Jet setter

So tomorrow I embark for my first holiday post World Cup, I dont regard my travels from there a "holiday" seeing as most of the time it was rather stressful! not to mention the winter cold wasnt a welcome, especially in Joburg where I at one point thought I was seriously going to die from being too cold!

ATB in action
The kind folks at Smirnoff have given me a ticket (well its an sms really) to attend the Night life exchange project which is being held in Cape Town this year, the host's will be none other than SA's 2 great House sensations DJ Fresh & Euphonik popularly known as FeU. Cape Town was chosen with Berlin as the 2 cities that will exchange their ideal party, so their line up (which gave me goose bumps) consists of ATB, lengendary trance DJ Mark Schulz & Monika (havent heard of her before). I still remember my first ATB CD I bought, which was "Dedicated" which featured some great hits such as "Dedicated", "Hold You" & the club pumper "Let U go". It was my facourite CD from the bunch of randoms I bought. André (ATB) has been making beats that both rock the club world and yet still playable on the radio, his currently ranked 11th in the world of Top DJ's, that is quite an accomplishment after being in the business for so long.

Mark Shulz also has been on the DJ seen for a while will be more famous for his mixes, as he has remixed many a top artist such as Madonna, Depeche Mode & worked with Fat Boy Slim of the UK. To be honest I havent heard much of his stuff so Im really looking forward to see what he has to offer.

Mark Schulz in the mix

The thing I like about these Smirnoff parties, is that they're well setup & managed, the crowd is limited & its invite only. Fair enough you have to be the lucky ones amongst thousands vying for the prize for an entrance ticket but its totally worth it if you do win. Even such events where you do have to purchase tickets such as the recent Gods Kitchen gigs with Above & Beyond have been awesome or so I've heard.

Other than the wild night on Saturday, Im looking forward to relax, something I hardly get to do on holidaying with the family as there is always places to see or people to visit, this time its me and what ever the fuck I want to do. Looking forward to meeting a few tweeps (twitter people) I frequently chat to on twitter from the Cape, so if you spot me on the street, dont feel shy, come say hi... but dont rob me as I got hardly any cash left since this trip is costing me a bit ;)

So this is my last blog post before I leave.

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