Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Give me Wings

Chicken Licken Hotwings with Soul Fire
AMG133: Even though life may fly past you with rapid speed, always take time to slow down and enjoy chicken wings. 

Just a random post, dedicated to the the wing that the chicken giveth. Is it just me or are chicken wings awesome? I mean really, I've eaten out many times, had many starters and in the meat variety this is by far the greatest. Yes you have to get your hands messy and there is the bone to deal with but thats just lame excuses to deny your taste buds of this great snack. Heck I think the preferred finger foods of the gods is chicken wings! Think about it, why do chickens have wings? They dont fly? Surely the soul purpose of it is to be cut off, defeathered, cleaned, dipped in batter and fried to be eaten with hot sauce?

sticky wings
 Which brings me to my next point, theres a variety of them, crispy fried served with hot sauce, grilled honey mustard and sticky bbq are favourites, but sticking to my theme of the blog, I prefer the fried variety. Why? I dont like the gooeyness (if there is such a word) of the others. Plus most of the bbq marinades vary big time between places and some if not most dont hit the nail on the head all the time. At least with the batter, its just a question of whether they're gonna burn it as the hot sauce will cover the minor taste bud speed bumps such as "less salt" etc.

My hot wings Top 5:

5. Checkers fried chicken wings - I kid you not, I was hungry, I was forced to go to this vile supermarket and in the mixture of various pieces of chicken I saw some wings, so I asked only for them. Went home and ate them with some hot sauce and bly me they were good to kill the cravings!

4. KFC Zinger wings- My favourite take out of all time but it doesnt make my number one spot. They tried and failed many a time with this item on their menu, often burning it or getting the recipe really wrong but it seems they have settled on one that is selling and quite frankly isnt that bad. My only gripe is that they dont have any hot sauce for it! Wings and tomato sauce is a no no!

3. Hooters- Now the American franchise has been in SA for a year or so now and the menu isnt one you'll be flipping through over and over again, being a sports bar you cant blame it. Their chicken wings are good but truth be told I expected better. They're too "generic" if I could use that term. The hot sauce on the other hand is quite good. Please note I refer to the proper wings on bone and not that boneless crap.

2. Chicken Licken- Their actual chicken maybe not such a great hit with me but thankfully these guys changed the recipe for the wings. In fact they are so popular most branches I frequent have more wings in the warmer than the actual chicken! The Soul Fire sauce is available to purchase in sachets or the bottle if you're feeling thirsty

 1. Spur- yes they average family restaurant they might be but they got something on those bad boys, fried to perfection drenched in that southern style hot sauce with extra garlic served with their "dirky sauce" (blue cheese dressing). It really does make me contemplate ordering mains from them.


  1. Roberto, you making the people hungry dude.

  2. Checkers hotwings shouldnt even be in the ratings.
    But aaahh yeaah... personal blog...
    Number one mosdef goes to Chicken Licken.
    Albeit they sometimes a little salty, nothing beats Chicken Licken
    Forget spur!