Thursday, May 26, 2011

Intro: Bucket Babe

Since FHM Fridays was such a big success and brought me much delight after learning that one of my underdog choices for the FHM 100 actually made the list I feel the need to continue the legacy to get those aspiring models more exposure. Like I said, South Africa has a wealth of good looking female specimens and many of them are trying their utmost to crack it into the industry. I would like to help them in what ever way possible to get noticed.

Samantha Laura Kaye: Photographed by Neal Tosefsky
From now on, the Bucket will have a fornight feature called "The Bucket Babe", where I will feature model on that given Friday. The Feature will have a brief write up on the featured model as well as the most important part PICTURES for you to drool at.

Now besides me featuring girls that I find, if you are a model looking for more exposure or know of someone that is, feel free to nominate them via the comments section and we will see what we can do. Bottom line is to feature local talent. So look out for this weeks first 'Bucket Babe' on Friday!

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