Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Bucket Babe: Danielle Mann

Hailing from Ballito, this weeks Bucket Babe Danielle Mann is also from the Kick Dance Productions group. The 27 year old studied Computer Programming, English and Psychology, yup ... hot nerd alert!

As much as she'd like to be behind the desk of a computer, we like to be seeing her more on the computer screen, as she is also a budding model and dancer with being in Sharkettes for 7 years, African Footprint, Danced on the ships in the Mediterranean, Sun City, IPL cricket, Toured Taiwan in Vegas show "Las Vegas Fantasy" as just some of her attritubes.  

As energetic as she is, she doesnt mind reading a good book and watching a movie now and then. Nuff with the typing, heres Danielle!


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