Sunday, October 23, 2011

From Joburg to Soweto

Lets call this a social media experiment, 4 guys, 1 car, set for one epic road trip to see the Kings of Leon's in Joburg this coming weekend (29th October 2011). All four of us, quite prominent on twitter, namely @NevinSP @iAvish_Karr and @coaxel and all have our own blogs, well besides Avish. Our attempts at getting a sponsored car *cough* Evoque *cough* have proved fruitless seeing that none of us are members of "the guild of SA motor journalists" even though it would have been a perfect for the brand seeing that we would tweet about our experiences in the car, plus a little publicity never hurt any brand (BTW any car manufacturer still keen, hit us up!)

Anyway, here's the story. All 4 of us are from Durban, the East Coast of South Africa, passionate Sharks supporters and attended this past weekends semi final against the Cheetahs at Kings Park.We were hoping Western Province had beaten the Lions so we could have had a home final but in actual fact, things worked out for the better. As it stands we will be in Joburg the same weekend as the Lions host the Sharks in the final of this years Currie Cup. Kick off for the game, 5pm. Concert starts at 8pm. The game takes roughly 2 hours to play out and add to that the Sharks celebrations (see what I did there) of another 30-40 minutes, it leaves us with very little time to get to Soccer City on time to see the Kings of Leon. In any case it would be stupid to leave so late. What are the options?

1) Train: I'm not very sure of the routes but I think there is a station near Ellis Park, this would be ideal seeing as we wont get caught in traffic and there is a station outside Soccer City. The downside is I know for a fact there wont be a train going straight there and we may have to jump off at certain stations. Risky for 4 guys from Durban in the heart of Joburg.

2) Helicopter: Now I know this is far fetched but think of it? After the game, a helicopter is waiting for us, then takes us to Soccer City in a matter of minutes. No traffic, no transit, no swapping trains. Its perfect! Problem is, who the hell has a chopper?! This is where we need YOUR help!

Want to see this epicness happen? Spread the word, see if some rich dude has a chopper to spare? We will tweet our way through. Box tickets at Ellis Park wouldn't be bad too but for now the chopper is good enough.


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  1. Wow - Lollzzz - dreams can come true !