Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bucket Babe: Celest Lotter

Greetings esteemed readers of the Bucket, after an absence from this segment due to heavenly reasons we're glad to be back and with yet another belter! Today's model is based in Cape Town and as you will soon learn has a host of accomplishments under her belt. You have probably seen her in some TV commercials and magazine adverts, or she sold you a house! This blonde beauty isn’t just good for looks and skills in property, she also has a creative edge to her -  with having her own blog which has a fair following, not to mention a childrens book that she is busy working on as well. Enough from me though, here is this week’s Bucket Babe!
Celeste Lotter 

I grew up in Pretoria then moved to Cape Town right after finishing school, where I there pursued a career in modelling whilst studying business management through
Unisa. After studies I started working with Luxury properties and so far have had a successful career in the industry.

However I have always had a creative streak and I love writing, so I decided to start a blog, just as a creative outlet. The blog has gained a small following and I’m pretty
proud of it since it was meant to be just a fun pet project.

My life is pretty busy at the moment as I am juggling a wonderful career in properties, trying to keep my blog going as well as doing the odd TV commercial or stills
shoot while trying to finish a children’s book that I have been working on for the last two years... I guess it’s a work in progress.

With regards to the commercial work, I have had the fortune of booking Nivea this year, and that was such a blast. I am looking forward to season in Cape Town, its fantastic
when the city has that buzz and it gets so hot that even Camps Bay is balmy at night. Who knows what I’ll get up to next, I’ve always wanted to learn French and study
archaeology... Next year is as good as any, right after whiskey appreciation

Twitter: @flickery

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