Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The best live show... in the world!

Some say this performance is greater than any work Andrew Lloyd Webber has done and the Royal Albert Hall begged them to perform there but they refused because the lead who wore a white suit didn't like the condition of the toilets, all we know its Top Gear LIVE and this time its on the East Coast!

Top Gear, arguably the most watched car show, let alone TV series world wide is coming to Africa again and this time Durban has decided to host the event. I attended the Top Gear festival last year which was held at Kyalami race track in Joburg and was blown away by it. Even though I purchased the "cheap" R300 tickets, I spent the entire day there and it was well worth it since I got to see alot. This years venue is a bit smaller but incorporates a street track. The main show itself which includes the 3 stooges from the TV show, that is Jeremy, Richard and James will take place at Moses Mabhida stadium.

I always wanted to see some sort of motor sport take place in the stadium, whether it was a rally stage or the A1 so this is sort of similar to that. Okay well it isn't a motor sport but it does include fast cars! Judging from the past year shows, for each one they managed to come up with something unique to wow the crowds. I'm sure they already have something insane planned for Durban and since we love our fast cars on the east coast, tickets should be getting sold out fast! So here are the deets to take note of.

Festival Opening Times: 10:00am – 20:00pm
Stadium Show Times:
Saturday 14:30pm – 16:00pm
                20:30pm – 22:00pm
Sunday  14:30pm – 16:00pm
              19:30pm – 21:00pm

For more info, check the website: http://www.topgearfestival.co.za/

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