Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Beautiful Game

First and foremost, I am a Liverpool supporter and proud to be one, our season may be dismal but I would never shy away from that fact. Secondly I am a fan of football and todays round up of the Barclays English Premier League 2011/12 season just goes to show what an amazing game we have. Lots of moans going around about the money City spent but take away the money, the raw passion, gutts and glory seen today has made us love the game even more. Come the 89th I was sure that Manchester United had secured their 20th league title but then goals in quick succession by Dzeko and Aguero proved me otherwise. Great season finale but for my team theres tons of work to do. Everton finishing above us just goes to show how bad a season it was, yes we have a trophy but league progress needs to improve.

Well done City, looking forward to more exciting football next season but first, the Euro's!

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