Thursday, July 5, 2012

Durban July 2012

Dubbed "Africa's greatest horseracing event", there's no wonder why the Vodacom Durban July is one of the most anticipating social event of the year. Apart from the horse racing, there is many other things that draw people to to Greyville, from fashion shows, to the various marquee's that has been set up in the race course and not forgetting the parties! Each year a theme is chosen so fashion designers have something to work with, this years being "Material World", focusing on the environment. The fashion shows take place at the main scored board across the grandstand and the winning design gets a pretty handy cash prize.
Each year various brands have marquee's and they just seem to get bigger and better each year, so it leaves one with a tough choice to decide on which one to chose as most boast an excellent selection of hospitality and entertainment. This years prices are quite steep as well but it all depends on the tent and ticket you have, and location of it on the course. Most of the marquee's are equipped with their own tote station so you don't have to go to the main grand stand to place a bet. The weather normally plays it part for the event, with most of the past years being glorious sunshine, so walking around could get tiresome with the blazing sun as even in winter it holds no mercy to us in Durban. 
This year will be only my second time attending, after attending last years I wondered why I haven't been before! The day is filled with lots of fun, socialising and partying... oh yes, not forgetting lots of walking too! So if theres any tips I could give you, is to wear comfy shoes! Being the countries biggest horse racing event, many celebs will be spotted amongst the crowd and even our President is a regular, so keep that camera handy as you never know who you could bump into! 
After the racing is done, its party time. Each marquee have DJ's to help you party the night away .... well until 12am that is. The race course has a strict closing time which everyone has to adhere to but if you still in the mood to party more, there are various after parties that will be happening around the city. The official one being the 5fm after party at the DLI hall which can be found in the centre of the race course where you'll find the likes of DJ Fresh, Euphonik, Roger Goode and Protoculture to name a few doing their thing on the decks.
If you are in Durban this weekend, be sure to join in on some of the fun as the city practically comes to a stand still because of this event and there will be numerous of other things to do as the city puts out to show its best to its visitors.

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