Sunday, July 29, 2012

Time to build

The preseason has begun and with it we've seen Liverpool FC play 3 friendlies so far. We haven't won any of them but its a good insight into what Brendan Rodgers has planned and for him to see what he has at his disposal. There have been the youngsters who will do their best to impress the new boss, hopefully trying to force their way into the first team and then there are the players who have been out on loan or have been laid off on the sidelines for long periods due to injuries that are coming back into the team.

Young stars: So far I'm pleased from what I've seen in the games against Toronto and AS Roma, the youngsters are full of energy as always. Suso and Morgan being the stand out for me in the games I've watched. I agree with some when they say Suso seems to be a bit over eager and tends to be selfish but sometimes you need that type of player in your squad, granted that there isn't someone in a better position than he is in. His technique is good, he has speed and doesn't shy from having a shot at goal. Another youngster I want to see more this season is Raheem Sterling, certainly a crowd favourite and for good reason too. Pacheco has always been a favourite of mine, hard worker and good player, he has been given a break into the first team, I hope to see more of him as well this season.

Players coming back from long injury spells are like new players as well, especially with the likes of Lucas who was sorely missed last season. Seeing him back in the red of Liverpool was a comforting sign as the new season approaches, he has come through in leaps and bounds over the years with LFC. From one of my most disliked players when we first bought him, to one of my favourite players in our squad now. He is a team player and one of the best defensive midfielders in the EPL. Adam, over hyped when we got him and a bit of a disappointment last season also has been out for a while and is back now. I really hope he comes good as we've seen bits of his quality, no one can forget that lovely long ball from him to Glen Johnson to set him up for that goal against Chelsea. I hope to see more of that this season!

Players returning from loan: Joe Cole and Alberto Aquilani have been decent so far. I am a massive fan of Aquilani and felt he has been given a raw deal by LFC for most part of his stay at us. Being an attacking midfielder is his best position and given the freedom to roam around the field but we already have Gerrard playing that sort of role in the team so its pointless having 2 players doing the same. He has great vision and a lovely range of passes and he can score goals too! Cole, to be honest I even forgot we still had him after last season. I think he still has some magic left in him, he just needs to rediscover it. Maybe Rodgers will help him with that.

New signings: so far Borini is the biggest name to be added to the LFC squad. Made his debut for us against Spurs in Baltimore, although the game ended 0-0 it was good to see him make his bow. From watching videos on youtube, he looks like he has a lot to offer us going forward and personally from his style of play I reckon he and Aquilani could make a good partnership. There have been mentions about James Allen to be added to the side from Swansea, one of their star players last season, I cant see them letting him go for under 15 million.

Players going out: coming back to the potential partnership of Aquilani and Borini, that all depends if Alberto wants to stay. He seems pretty keen on moving back to Italy, if the boss sees the possible potential maybe he can help change his mind. Lots is being mentioned about Carroll, many sports websites seeming to have first hand info that Rodgers has told Andy that he isn't in his plans for LFC and he should seek a move elsewhere. The big thing with Carroll is his price tag, we've paid a big amount for him and many expected a decent return from him, its taken a while for him to find form but I personally think he had a strong end to last season. He is a player that's full of talent and maybe that price tag has put pressure on him. If the manager really feels he isn't needed then maybe its better for us to bite our tongue and let him go, doubt we'll get 30 million for him though. Aurellio, many might say since he is injury prone we might as well sell him, I still think he is one of the best left backs out there, pity he is made of glass.

Now much has been said about our preseason performances, many judging us just by our results. Its a stupid thing to do given that many of our first team players haven't played, some still on break and some competing in the Olympics. Guaranteed come the start of the season, we will not be playing like this. Rodgers will be using these games to experiment and to see what he has. Also one must be careful not to raise expectations before the season. Yes, we are the  one of the biggest name in English football but we've gone through an extreme bad patch and we need time to build. With a new manager, a new mind set, new tactics and most importantly new confidence in the team, things can only get better.

You'll Never Walk Alone!

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