Thursday, August 30, 2012

Help Yolandi

One of the first bloggers I befriended with when I entered the online world was @JuicyJemma, mysterious at the time since she should go with her alter ego but friendly and cool none the less. Her blogs were great and interesting and so was following her escapades on twitter. We often teased each other for being "famous online" but now shes stepped up to a whole new level. Deciding to quit her day job and pursue a career in modeling wasn't easy but she showed great perseverance and was duly rewarded with many a shoot, none bigger than her Playmate feature in the 2011 July edition of Playboy Magazine SA. That escalated her fame to new heights as she became a regular in the paper, a pin up girl for the US marines and having one of the more popular Facebook pages.  Now she's got the opportunity to represent herself and SA on the world stage in the Playboy International Beauty Pageant to be held in the Philippines, and she needs your help to do so, I'll let her tell you more...

"SMS 4 to 40583 for me to represent SA (that's us!) at the PLAYBOY
International Beauty Pageant in the Philippines later this year. Its a massive
opportunity that can do so much for my career! I work hard, I give back to
my fans by doing competitions a LOT and I'm consistent in my marketing and
approach to my fans (not just when I need votes). It is R5 an sms (a little
expensive, but you can't add a price to a dream, right?) and only South
Africans can vote. Voting closes 31st August at midnight, so I need ALL the
help I can get. Don't send 1, send 100 please (or until you run out of
airtime) please. Thank you!!
xxx" - Yolandi Malherbe

You heard the lady and heres some motivation for your vote....not like you needed any ;-)