Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Red Bull Stratos


If you follow me on twitter, you would have seen me go ape shit (excuse me for the lack of better words) over this. Why? because its probably one of the greatest human achievements we'll get to witness in our life time. One man, Flex Baumgartner is to go when no man has gone before as he attempts to break the sound barrier by jumping out of a capsule approximately 36 kilometers above ground level and free fall towards the ground.

Felix on his test jump
There are many risks involved here, one being the weather as wind has delayed the launch for 2 days now. Others include the capsule and balloon as it ascends with Felix to the desired height but one of the biggest risks is definitely when Felix opens that door at 36,000m above the ground. With the air pressure and temperature relatively unknown at that height, anything could happen. Then there's the jump itself, Felix will be free falling for 5 minutes 35 seconds or longer which will surpass the old record of 4 minutes and some change, there after he will deploy his parachute and begin a 10 minute descend to earth.

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Many would be asking why are they're doing such a thing? What is the point and what are they're trying to prove? Well like most experiments, its all done in the name of science. From the special suit that Baumgartner will wear to the material that the balloon is made off, each item is specially designed for this very mission. Also he will be strapped and monitored during the jump to see what the human body experiences during this incredible feat.


It will take the capsule about 3 hours to reach the desired height and only 15 minutes for Felix to be back on the ground, the numbers are astonishing and like many I hope this happens as it would be incredible to witness. For more you can visit the website: www.redbullstratos.com

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