Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Double Down is here!

Today KFC began national sales of its much talked about Double Down "sandwich". It made international news when it was launched for the very first time in the USA in April 2010. What it essentially is, is two original recipe chicken fillets that are used in your Colonel burger but in between they stuff a slice of smoked chicken, 2 slices of cheddar cheese and two helpings of the Colonel dressing. Basically its a burger with no bun! Genius! The one served in SA is different to that sold overseas, as they serve bacon with theirs and since majority of the KFC branches are Halaal and Kosher they have opted to use the smoked chicken slice in stead. Many will question nutritional value of such a meal but then again people aren't going to be ordering this on a daily basis, I for one cant wait to sample it as I was salivating looking at the tweets on my TL today! It proved to be such a hit that #KFCDoubleDown tag was trending across South Africa. It sells for R44.90 and is the perfect meal if you're flippin hungry, looking for a carb free meal, cure for a moerse hangover or just want to enjoy some good and tasty!

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