Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Microsoft TechEd 2013

Next week sees the start of the biggest IT conference in the continent, Microsoft TechEd 2013 Africa will be held in Durban at the Albert Luthuli International Conference Centre. It will see over 2500 technology fanatics invade Durban for those 4 days. I managed to crack an invite for the event and as you can imagine I am extremely excited to be attending.

The conference runs from the 16 to the 19 of April and will feature a host of local and international speakers, the main topics will be Microsoft Server Solutions, Cloud Computing, Office 365, Windows 8 and Windows Mobile 8. Focus around apps will also be key as Microsoft's latest operating system is very application orientated.

One of the interesting topics will be Cloud computing, its already taken off else where in the world and slowly more and more big businesses are taking into this in South Africa. An increase in cloud computing will see a demand for Data centres and that's where Microsoft's server solutions comes into play. This is sure to draw a lot of attention during the conference.

Apart from talks, there will be discussion sessions with the professionals where information will be exchanged and developers having the chance to chat with each other to discuss problems, solutions and other aspects of the software.

Windows8 and Windows mobile 8 will also be a keen topic that many will be interesting, it is becoming the fastest selling OS from the software giants and with good reason too. Its completely changed the look we're used to where by the desktop is done away with and a tile format is used. Learning more about what the operating system can do will be another one that will draw a lot to the talks and presentations.
Of course it wont be work for all 4 days, I've head from many that the parties are insane so also very much looking forward to the opening and closing parties!

Registration for Microsoft TechEd closes on April 10th, visit www.teched.co.za to register!

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