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Bucket Babe Catch Up: Yolandi Malherbe

Today we bring you a special feature for the Bucket Babe. We're doing a catch up with one of our previous girls to see what they've been up to since we last had them on the Bucket. It is none other than Yolandi Malherbe, the sultry vixen that hails from the land of the mountain...also known as Cape Town. I've known Yolandi for little over 3 years now and her sheer passion and determination is one aspect of her that strikes you instantly.

She's been featured five times before in PLAYBOY South Africa. First in July 2011 when she left most of SA breathless when she was first chosen as a playmate, then had our tongues wagging again when she posed for PLAYBOY's 'More than Just a Centerfold ad campaign' in February 2012, then in the December 2012 edition of PLAYBOY when she posed as a 1950's pin-up girl, then again last year August over a 6 page spread, posing as a sexy mechanic along with her Subaru XV. After making a name for herself in the social media stream, it was clear she was a favourite among many hence she was chosen as a cover girl for PLAYBOY's April 2013 issue, which is also their anniversary edition, I like to think it was an early birthday present for me but each to there own ;)

Shes also starred in many music videos, most recently being Jack Parrow ft PH Phat - Spring Moederfokker!

Firstly congrats on the accomplishment of getting cover for Playboy SA, how did you feel when you first got the news? 
  • Thank you so much! It's been a goal of mine ever since I was named a Playmate. I made it clear from from the start that 'one day I want to be on the cover' and I worked for it. Then, when I least expected it, I got a call from the editor with the fantastic news. The news made my year!! 
What does getting cover for such a major magazine mean to you? 
  • It confirms that I'm an established model and my name is big enough to translate to sales. So hopefully I'll land FHM soon. HUGE dream since I was 14! *call me* hahaha!

When we spoke to you last in the Bucket Babe, you said your dream cover shoot would be Playboy, now that you've achieved that what is your next cover shoot goal?
  • At the start of each new year, I make a list of things I'd like to achieve for that year and I try to tick all of them off. Getting a cover of PLAYBOY was on my list for 2013. I also said I want to be on the cover of FHM, film a movie, another music video and get a big sponsorship. We're only in April and I've ticked off everything but FHM. Production of another movie I'll be in has already started and filming commences in September. So I guess I'll focus on filming and earning the 'actress' title. 

What have you been up to other than posing for Playboy?
  • I recently appeared in my 5th music video, but I can't give any details yet. This video was less sexy and more acting! I was named face of TOSCA (which is a salon chain). We recently did the ad campaign shoot, so look out for that in their Tygervalley & Tableview salons. Furthermore I'm busy with a few things and waiting to see what works out, doing loads of media interview/ PR for the April cover and also making time for some charity work.

I see you in the running for Swimsuit SA model search, is that your next goal? 
  • YES! I entered the Sports Illustrated Search in 2011 and landed in the top 100, but that's as far as I got. I couldn't enter last year because of Playboy, but this year I'm giving it ago again. It's now run by SA Rugby Magazine. I have over half a million votes and I was named 'Girl of the Day' a day after entering the search, then I won 'Girl of the Week'. So it's been off to a good start but I can always do with more votes. Voting is free, unlimited and ends May 31st -

The competition was previously run by SA Sports Illustrated, are you a big sports fan?
  • I'm a proper Afrikaans chick who grew up in a home where there was always huge festivities built up around sport, especially rugby! So yeah, I love watching it and I love how you can enjoy a good braai and brandy with a game. 

Which sports are your favourite to watch?
  • Rugby of course. I also love to watch Olympics. Swimming, gymnastics and track.

As a South African, I feel after 1995 we all love our rugby, so which Super Rugby franchise has your support?
  • I love the Bulls & Stormers, but when they're playing against each other, I gotta support the Stormers. 

Guys find girls who play sports extremely sexy, especially when they wearing the tight shirts and short skirts! do you like to get active in the sports field or courts?
  • Gym, dance, outdoor activities or the occasional Badminton yeah, but I dress comfortably so that I can train dirty. No short pants or skirts creeping up my ass. It'll distract me (and you hahaha)

What can we expect from Yolandi in the near future?
  •  Look out for me on the big screen later this year! Also keep an eye on my website which goes live any day now!  and maybe on the covers of FHM. Let's hold thumbs!

We at the Bucket want to see her strutting herself in sexy bikini's along gorgeous beaches in the SA Swimsuit edition when its out in October, if you share the same feelings, you can vote for Yolandi in the SA Swimsuit model search by visiting her page and clicking vote, its that simple and its free!
You can follow Yolandi on twitter: @JuicyJemma
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