Tuesday, May 14, 2013


You feel it in your fingers, you feel it in your toes, no its not love its the cold! Winter is making its icy way to our shores and YOU can help the underprivileged keep warm this year. In its 4th year running, the Twitter Blanket Drive has grown with collection points and events around the country and donations coming in from far and wide. Twitter is the fastest growing social media network at the moment and with millions using its service to share thoughts, vent frustration or keep informed with the latest news, TBD gives the user an opportunity to give back to the community.

On Saturday, May 25th there will be collection points for blankets nationwide. All blankets collected will be distributed to deserving charities. For more info, search the hashtag #TBD2013  alternatively you can follow @TBDZA or @TBDAfrica ....or if you're not on twitter they do have a Facebook page.

For my Durban peeps, Wakaberry have gladly joined the party by allowing all their stores to be collection points for blankets from 12pm onwards. The the main collection point being the Durban North store where you'll be able to meet some of the fine folk that organized this event.

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