Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I don't know about you but I for one hate the cold! I rather it be blistering hot and I have the AC on to cool me down rather than having the heater on and sitting inside with a warm blanky and a cup of hot coffee. Then again being born and raised on the east coast of South Africa you can say I'm born loving the warmth, sadly as the years go by, the winters are getting colder and while we can afford things like blankets, hot water bottles and even roof over our heads to keep the elements at bay, many South Africans cannot. This is why we do the Twitter Blanket Drive, thousands of tweeters over the past few years have shown incredible support to the initiative and we're expecting an even bigger response this year. 

There are many drop off locations around Durban but the main event will be taking place at the Protea Hotel in Umhlanga Ridge. The event kicks off at 6pm so be sure to come around, say hi and make your donation. It doesn't have to be blankets, anything that will help the underprivileged keep warm during our harsh winter months. 

If you cannot make it to any of the drop off locations or the main event, the awesome guys down at Uber have come to the rescue. Simply spread the word amongst family and friends and to help out the guys at Uber, have a central pick up point. 

  • On the 29th of May, between 10am and 3pm, open the Uber app on your phone
  • Slide to the blanket option at the bottom of the app
  • Select pick up location and then "Request pick up"
One of the snazzy Uber drivers will soon arrive to pick up your donation and deliver it free of charge on your behalf. Don't forget to snap some pics and tweet @TDBAfrica using the hashtag #TBD2014 and include  #UberrrLove if you're getting one of their drivers to pick up your collection. 

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