Friday, June 27, 2014

MWEB WiFi High Street

Whether we like it or not, technology has taken over our lives, more often than not we will revert to our phones or computers for something or the other. Mobile devices have come along way from just making phone calls, with a host of social applications and high resolution camera's, a phone isn't merely a phone now a days, people want to share their moments, keep in contact and browse the internet on the go but data prices in SA have been steep, although there have been decreases in the pricing, it really isn't on par with the rest of the world. 

Hence a trip to a coffee shop or restaurant now won't only be decided upon if the coffee or food is good but if they offer free WiFi. On average, coffee shops offer 20mb per person which is hardly enough to update your Facebook status, instagram your food, post a selfie of you and your bestie to twitter and check in on Foursquare. Fear not though, MWEB have come to the rescue by introducing "WiFi High Street", in a first, MWEB have chosen streets around the country that have a big social hub and offered them good quality, high speed, uncapped WiFi! The initiative was launch two weeks back on Durban's iconic Florida Road. Speaking at the launch, MWEB's General Manger, Nathier Kasu said "Florida Road is a great place to demonstrate the possibilities that high-speed WiFi enables. We've created a Wifi zone, rather than a WiFi hotspot, to deliver superior experience to users, wherever they may be on the high street"

What is a WiFi Zone?
WiFi hotspots tend to be a single access points, with limited capacity and scalability as new users join the network, and a poorer overall performance. By contrast, a WiFi zone features multiple access points, meshed together in a single indoor or outdoor environment with more resilient infrastructure and powerful backhaul- with the result being consistent, fast internet access. 

I was skeptical about it but since the launch I have visited Florida Road many times and tested it out, even though I am not an MWEB client, obtaining a username and password was dead simple and within seconds I was connected and ready to go. This really is a great initiative from MWEB and with more of these WiFi Zones planned for SA, it can only make things better for us. 

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