Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bucket Seat: BMW M4 Convertible

With the local launch of BMW's road assault weapon the M4 just taken place under a month ago, word arrived from Germany of a topless version of the vehicle. If the M4 coupe were compared to a movie, it would be rated R18 LV with lots of violence from the power and strong language from the grunt of the engine, much like the Expendables. Now the M4 convertible is very similar but with added nudity, so R18 VN, the same violent power, strong language with the engine and you can take the top off.

The car follows the same lines as the 4 series convertible with the added masculinity of the M brand giving it a lower stance, bigger air intakes and flared wheel arches, no to mention the black rims. They've also added a few custom colours that are only available for this model. The interior is pretty much the same as the M4 coupe with a few different colour schemes, only thing different about it is that the roof comes down and you get a wind buffer to manually set up over the back seats should there be no passengers in them. 

The car gets the same 3 litre, 6 cylinder beast of an engine as its brother the coupe but due to the added weight from the roof, the performance figures are a bit down but not that much as they're almost on par with the M3. That's not too shabby if you ask me. The downside to this car again would be the luggage space, or lack of it. They do however kept the clever system of allowing one to access the space even when the roof is down which is brilliant as far as I'm concerned. 

For those that remember, I wasn't too pleased about the 4 series convertible but something about this particular car just makes sense. The M4 with its engine and exhaust system shifts away from the hollow "tin noise" as many described it of the old M3 and now has a more devilishly sounding grunt or roar to it, so it only makes sense that the driver also gets to experience this musical symphony for himself and not a drowned out cabin version of it. Whether or not I get to test the new M4 convertible remains to be seen, but here's crossing all fingers and toes that I do!

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