Thursday, September 25, 2014

Burning Man 2014

Many of the modern day festival goers talk about Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival or Electric Daisy Carnival as some of the best they've experienced but theres one that only those that attend know of how great it is. 

Burning Man festival in the USA has been in existence since 1986 and is a week long event that is held yearly in the Black Rock Desert in Navada. It attracts all sorts of people, the weird to the rebel and if you're lucky you may just spot some Victoria Secret Models as our very own Candice Swanepoel has attended the past two years.

The event is described as an experiment of community, art, self experission and music. Some of the structures put up are amazing to see but when the festival culminates, all burns to the ground with it. It's truly one of the most amazing things you will witness if you do attend but it's only for the daring. 

One week in the dry, hot and dusty outlands of Nevada with no sign of civilization for 100's of kilometeres isn't for everyone but the event has proven to be quick a success with them having to cap the attendence to 50,000 due to safety reasons. Today's Monday choon isn't a song but a video by dutch DJ Sander van Doorn capturing some of his moments at this years event.

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