Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A different view of South Africa

Grant's Whisky have recently annouced their collaboration with a trio of Photographers from Soweto. Twin brothers Innocent and Justice Mhkheli along with Vuyo Mpanthsa are budding photogrpahers who all share the same creative flair when it comes to capturing the perfect imagine. They formed the photo blog I See A Different You, which started off to showcase their combined their love for fashion, art and photography but from there they slowly drifted to showcase township life in a way outsiders have never seen before. 

There is always this stigma of violence and danger when it comes to peoples perception of townships and with this venture they changed many peoples view of it by capturing and creating visuals of ordinary people in ordinary settings. Grant's Whisky stepped in to form a partnership with the three that has taken them on a nationwide journey, to photograph everyday South Africans who have stood by one another to achieve shared success.

Following the tour, the ISADY team are hosting a number of exhibitions around the country, where exclusive images will be displayed for viewing, this in collaboration with Grant's Whisky. Speaking on behalf of William Grant's & Son, Marketing Manager Lauren Kuhlmey had this to say, “With the recently launched Stand Together campaign, Grant’s Whisky acknowledges the people who have inspired and helped others on their journey to success, just as the William Grant family has done over 5 generations. No more so than in South Africa do we understand that ‘shared success’ is only 
achieved by standing together. By collaborating with I See A Different You, we want to depict these 
incredible moments of courage, support and solidarity, a demonstration of the rewards reaped 
through collective achievement as opposed to the singular”. 

Details for the event in Durban:
Venue: 39 Station Drive
Time: 19:00
Date: 23 October
Facebook: GrantsWhisky

To view more from the I SEE A DIFFERENT YOU collective, visit their blog http://iseeadifferentyou.tumblr.com/

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