Friday, October 10, 2014

G-Star Raw Durban

Last night I attended the official store launch of G-Star RAW in Durban, the popular American clothing brand has teamed up with singer and producer Pharrell Williams to bring out their exclusive "raw for the oceans" range. These include garments made from bionic yarn, which basically is recycled plastic that has been dumped into the oceans. How is this possible though? Well the process is quite complex where they take the fibres that make the plastic and transform them into durable textile for clothing. 

The items in the range are quite cool and the comfort and feel of them is just as good as any of G-Star's other products. The Gateway store, although small has a wide range of products from their denim which includes an awesome floating display warehouse on the mezzanine level which can be seen on the trade floor of the double volume shop. 

The launch it self was brilliant, with many of the who's who in Durban present and I also spotted most of the local fashion bloggers and trend setters of Durban. I for one don't consider myself one but it was nice to get their perspective of the brand and clothing range, plus the sushi and cocktails were an added bonus. The shop is pretty great and as said has a wide variety of G-Star RAW products, so next time you're in Gateway pop by to see for yourself.

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